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  • Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    A Tool to Help Students Assess and Improve Their Character

    A simple ledger can keep character top of mind for middle and high school students and allow them to track their improvement over time.
    Maurice J. Elias
  • Technology Integration

    Helping Parents Feel More Comfortable With Tech

    There are simple ways teachers can boost parental support for the use of technology in their children’s education.
  • Classroom Management

    The Power of a Democratic Classroom

    A look at how to set up a classroom that promotes shared responsibilities so that students are engaged in their community.
  • Educational Buzzwords Defined: What is Differentiation?
    Differentiated Instruction

    Educational Buzzwords Defined: What Is Differentiation?

    Go beyond the jargon for a quick look at a few of the many ways to differentiate instruction in the classroom.
  • Play & Recess

    Play Will Be More Important Than Ever in Preschool This Year

    Play can help the youngest students transition to in-person learning and develop skills they need for the future.
  • STEM

    A Fun ‘Survivor’-Themed Classroom Activity That Promotes Science Learning

    Collaboration, reflection, and healthy competition make for lasting memories when teachers use a novel approach to sustain student interest.
  • Professional Learning

    Belonging, Safety, and Trust: A Recipe for Better Professional Learning

    Professional learning that attends to teachers’ social and emotional needs helps to create a healthier school culture.
  • Literacy

    How Read-Alouds Can Benefit Older Students

    Hearing their teachers model good literacy skills can help students in upper elementary and middle school become better readers.
  • Teaching Strategies

    Team-Building Activities to Help Students Reconnect in the Classroom

    As students return to school after a tumultuous year, here are tips to help them re-engage and ease back into the classroom.
  • New Teachers

    No One Starts Out Awesome: Advice for New Teachers

    There is no single strategy for success. But positivity, flexibility, a desire to keep improving, and empathy will help along the way.

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