George Lucas Educational Foundation

3-5 Upper Elementary

Explore and share tips, strategies, and resources for helping students develop in elementary school grades 3-5.

  • Student Engagement
    A brief daily sharing exercise can help young students build a sense of community and the confidence to participate in class.
  • Communication Skills
    Some guidelines for teaching all students to speak credibly and confidently—an essential skill for college and career success.
  • Social and Emotional Learning
    A Nashville elementary school takes a comprehensive approach to trauma-informed practices, creating a space where students feel known and supported.
  • Response to Intervention
    Students who need extra social and emotional support have a quick check-in with an adult at the start and end of each day.
  • Mental Health
    A trauma-informed approach ensures that students feel safe, supported, and nurtured—to improve their chances of academic success. 
  • Teacher Wellness
    It’s a simple self-care strategy: Teachers text a colleague to cover their class for a minute when they need to de-escalate and recharge.
  • Social and Emotional Learning
    Providing students with a quiet spot where they can calm themselves in times of stress helps them develop self-regulation.
  • Teaching Strategies
    Getting students to think about behaving badly helps them arrive at positive norms—and such reverse thinking may work in other situations as well.
  • Global Education
    A new platform helps teachers in different countries connect their classrooms and encourage an appreciation for different perspectives.
  • Learning Environments
    A teacher explains strategies she once used with first graders, with updates from her current perspective teaching fourth grade.