3-5 Upper Elementary

Explore and share tips, strategies, and resources for helping students develop in elementary school grades 3-5.

  • Communication Skills

    More Talking in Class, Please

    Strategies for facilitating small group and whole class conversations with students in grades 3 to 12.
  • Literacy

    Reading Buddies

    Pairing older elementary students with younger ones for community reading time has benefits for both groups.
  • Brain-Based Learning

    When the Social Brain Misfires

    Sometimes our powerful urge to belong can hurt us. We look at how stereotypes undermine learning.
  • STEM

    Sparking Curiosity About STEM

    A monthly after-school activity guides students to have fun exploring science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • Literacy

    Double-Duty Writing Instruction

    Writing lessons that foster social and emotional skills at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.
  • The Research Is In

    Are We Doing Recess Right? A New Tool Can Help

    An analysis of nearly 500 playgrounds finds that recess can be optimized to build social skills and relationships.
  • Character Education

    Getting Their Hands Dirty

    Experiential learning—like making incense sticks in factory conditions—teaches kids about real social issues.
  • Design Thinking

    Designed for Engagement

    A school district uses monthly missions in its design studios to increase student and teacher engagement and foster self-directed learning.
  • Literacy

    Beyond the Weekly Word List

    Differentiating spelling instruction using evidence-based approaches helps students develop a skill that is vital to their reading ability.
  • Curriculum Planning

    Building a Sense of Community With Music

    How a music program can fortify peer relationships and increase parent engagement and community involvement.