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Integrated Studies

Discover innovations and best practices for combining multiple academic subjects to prepare students for a world where all knowledge is integrated.

  • Integrated Studies

    The Math All Around Us

    A middle school math teacher on how to make real-world math connections during field trips and interdisciplinary projects.
  • Integrated Studies

    Using Science to Bring Literature to Life

    Combining science and literature can help students engage more deeply with both subjects.
  • Integrated Studies

    Using Stories to Teach Math

    Teaching literacy and math at once helps make the most of class time while deepening young students’ understanding in both subjects.
  • Trading Places

    Birmingham Covington: Building a Student-Centered School

    Educators take on the role of guides and motivate students to direct their own learning.
  • STEM

    Resources for STEAM

    Discover information, examples, and tools related to incorporating aspects of the arts, design, and the humanities into STEM-based school activities.
  • Arts Integration

    Arts Integration: Resource Roundup

    All points of arts integration -- from benefits and implementation to linking the arts with core curriculum -- are covered in this roundup of useful Edutopia blog posts, articles, and videos.
  • Integrated Studies

    STEM to STEAM: Resources Toolkit

    Whether you are looking for resources on integrating science, technology, engineering, and math or on infusing the arts to transform STEM into STEAM, these curated compilations will help you plan different approaches to integrated studies.
  • Integrated Studies

    Sparking Curiosity and Solving Real-World Problems

    See how students apply their literacy skills to explore science problems outside classroom walls.
  • STEM

    Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum

    Four of the skills used to solve computer science problems can be applied in other classes as well.
  • STEM

    Resources and Downloads for STEM

    Explore ways to use STEM lessons and approaches to help students practice cross-disciplinary thinking and build skills in science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • Arts Integration

    Full STEAM Ahead: Why Arts Are Essential in a STEM Education

    Educators can bring creative people into STEM fields by showing students the creativity in what they're doing and how it lets them explore their own creative interests.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Guiding Elementary Students to Help Their Community

    Using project-based learning across the curriculum helps students make interesting connections.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Arts-Infused Project-Based Learning: Crafting Beautiful Work

    Learn how to bring cross-curricular, arts-infused project-based learning into your classroom.
  • Financial Literacy

    Resources and Downloads for Financial Literacy

    Explore resources and downloads for educators seeking to help students learn financial concepts, practice money management, and build strong financial decision-making and economic-reasoning skills.
  • Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking Pathways

    To teach critical thinking, consider applying six definitions of that discipline to the practices of authentic inquiry, PBL, and integrated studies.