George Lucas Educational Foundation
  • Education Trends

    Innovating Without Abandoning What Works

    Ideas on how teachers and school leaders can preserve time-tested teaching practices while working to incorporate new good ideas.
    Trevor Muir
  • Online Learning

    From Wi-Fi to Food Drops: How Districts Are Tackling the Big Issues Now

    Most education leaders say the U.S. has never faced anything like this before. The leader of Chiefs for Change on the short and long view as coronavirus continues.
    Sarah Gonser, Stephen Merrill
  • Student Engagement

    Raising the Bar for Student Work

    Sharing high-quality examples from past students makes expectations for classwork tangible.
  • Special Education

    New Strategies in Special Education as Kids Learn From Home

    In special education, teachers say that schedules, sensory supports, and close collaboration with families can help smooth the transition to remote learning.

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The Research Is In

8 Proactive Classroom Management Tips

Youki Terada

  • Assessment

    4 Reasons Teachers are Going Gradeless

    Up to their elbows grading papers and questioning the motivational value of traditional grading systems, many teachers are starting to experiment with alternative assessments.
  • Assessment

    60-Second Strategy: Bean Critique

    A simple way to get students talking positively about their peers’ work—and thinking about how they might improve their own.
  • Resilience and Grit

    The Difference Between Productive Struggle and Spinning Your Wheels

    Identifying when students are repeating problems but not actually progressing towards mastery can help educators refine their instruction.
  • Mindfulness

    Reducing Test Anxiety With Simple Strategies

    Addressing test anxiety doesn’t require sweeping changes. Introduce small daily practices to bring calm into the classroom.