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  • Professional Learning

    A Solid Foundation for a Mentoring Relationship

    Setting up an agreement that covers how a mentor and mentee will work together can help both get the most out of their collaboration.
    Amie Weinberg
  • Middle school students work together in a group.
    Student Voice

    After-School Clubs Encourage Problem-Solving by Letting Students Lead

    Using their interests as a guide, elementary students can simultaneously acquire knowledge and serve the school community.
  • Martin Luther King in jail in Birmingham, Alabama

    Teaching ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’

    The open letter by Martin Luther King Jr. is an excellent resource for teaching persuasive writing and much more.
  • Education Buzzwords Defined: What is Group Work?
    Collaborative Learning

    Education Buzzwords Defined: What Is Group Work?

    There are many misconceptions about group work in the classroom, but with clear expectations and defined roles, it can be a powerful way to engage students in collaborative learning.
  • Teacher help student in middle school classroom

    Celebrating Student Growth With Formative Data

    A look at how one district is working to meet individual student needs and accelerate learning by using ongoing formative data to measure growth.
  • Middle school classroom with teacher and students and laptops
    Integrated Studies

    A Month-to-Month Guide to Interdisciplinary Instruction

    Teacher collaboration across disciplines provides middle school students with work that reinforces learning and develops their research and writing skills.
  • Two elementary students play on a computer with their Spanish teacher
    Communication Skills

    5 Reasons to Use TV Commercials in World Language Classes

    Using commercials with storylines in the target language is a fun way to immerse students in the culture they’re studying.
  • Teacher sitting and talking to elementary student
    Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    The Benefits of Reflection in School Discipline

    When elementary students act out, one thing they need is time to reflect on the roots of their actions—and how they might respond differently next time.
  • Illustration of Ron Berger
    Student Engagement

    Ron Berger on the Power of ‘Beautiful Work’

    To motivate students and teachers alike, we need to deepen the work of schools and give everyone the time and space to work toward greatness, says the noted educator.
  • Illustration of children exploring sensory path
    Play & Recess

    A Hop, Skip, and a Jump: Creating Your Own Sensory Path

    The possibilities for creating a sensory path to give students a movement break are endless. Here’s what schools across the country are doing.

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