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  • Game-Based Learning

    How to Find Games for Classroom Learning

    A game-based learning expert looks at why teachers should try using games, and shares a new book—available for free—that will help them identify worthwhile games for their students.
    Matthew Farber
  • Technology Integration

    Reducing Dependence on Slides

    Focusing less on the slides and more on student discussion fosters deeper engagement.
    Miriam Plotinsky
  • Mental Health

    Students Tackle Life's Challenges Together

    Facing stress and frustrations from school, parents, and relationships, students turn to peer counselors for help.
  • Teacher Collaboration

    How Teachers Can Learn Through Action Research

    A look at one school’s action research project provides a blueprint for using this model of collaborative teacher learning.

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Teaching Strategies

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Elena Spathis

  • Social and Emotional Learning

    A De-escalation Exercise for Upset Students

    A simple technique that takes just a few minutes can help an agitated student regain the state of mind needed for learning.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

    Making SEL Culturally Competent

    Teaching students about oppression and critical consciousness is a vital component of social-emotional learning.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Why Inclusion Matters on the Playground

    When general education students and students with special needs play together, it breaks down unconscious biases about disability and fosters relationships.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Promoting Prosocial Behaviors in the Classroom

    According to research, nurturing prosocial behaviors may improve academic outcomes—both classroom grades and test scores.