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  • Teaching Strategies

    How a Simple Visual Tool Can Help Teachers Connect With Students

    Pulling together information about a student into what’s known as an empathy map can help teachers provide better instruction.
    Jorge Valenzuela
  • Middle school student takes notes during virtual learning session
    Inquiry-Based Learning

    Promoting Scientific Inquiry Inside and Outside of the Classroom

    Exposing students to discrepant events and online simulations can spark wonder and motivate them to investigate science beyond the classroom.
  • Two middle school students work on project in library at school
    Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    How to Help High School Students Develop Empathy

    Writing exercises, opportunities for cultural exchange, and encouraging active listening can lead to more empathy among teens.
  • Addressing Anti-Asian Racism With Students
    Culturally Responsive Teaching

    Addressing Anti-Asian Racism With Students

    Talking about anti-Asian violence and racial equity is critical in this moment. Here are some ways to begin the conversation in your classroom.
  • High school students writing in classroom

    Developing Better Writers

    Strengthening students’ writing skills means carving out dedicated time for cycles of productive feedback and revision.
  • Sketchnote collage
    Arts Integration

    How—and Why—to Introduce Visual Note-Taking to Your Students

    Visual note-taking allows information to be processed by the brain in three different ways.
  • Teacher participates in a video chat at home
    Professional Learning

    Professional Development That’s Relevant Now

    In the midst of a pandemic, staff needs for professional development are different. Here are some ideas for delivering PD that’s on the mark.
  • Students have discussion in circle in school
    Communication Skills

    Strengthening Student Relationships Through Oral Storytelling

    Storytelling, an age-old practice, offers a window into students’ personal experiences and an opportunity to connect more deeply as a class.
  • A sixth-grade English teacher helps two students during Sutton Middle School’s International Baccalaureate immersion day
    Media Literacy

    How to Teach Copyright and Fair Use to Students

    When you model proper use of online images and text, students can learn how to protect themselves—and respect the work of others.
  • Illustration concept for guidance

    Adopting a ‘Pen Pal’ Mindset When Giving Feedback

    Simple changes to the quality and tone of feedback matters when it comes to developing nurturing, trusting connections with students.

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