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  • Project-Based Learning (PBL)

    A Simple, Effective Framework for PBL

    This plan was designed to guide teachers who haven’t had formal training in project-based learning.
    Jorge Valenzuela
  • Diversity

    Setting Up a Disability-Inclusive Curriculum

    Six strategies for making people with disabilities a part of your students’ diverse learning experiences.
  • Student Engagement

    5 Ways to Increase Students’ Engagement in Writing

    Upper elementary teachers can make small shifts in how they teach writing to spark students’ interest and promote critical thinking.
  • Student Wellness

    5 Yoga Practices for School-Day Transitions

    These simple but effective mindfulness, breathing, and yoga techniques can ease stress at tough times of the day.
  • Student Engagement

    The Masked Teacher

    While face coverings present barriers to easy communication, educators can build a rapport with students by being deliberate in their interactions.
  • Student Engagement

    3 Strategies to Get Students Talking in Math Classrooms

    Talking through their math work helps students understand it better, and these strategies get those conversations started.
  • School Culture

    Collaborative Classroom Management

    When students have a say on behavior expectations or how to demonstrate their learning, they can help create a positive, engaging classroom culture.
  • Technology Integration

    ‘My Tablet Isn’t Charged’ and Other Device Woes

    Elementary school students benefit from very clear guidance on how to use and take care of one-to-one laptops and tablets.
  • STEM

    Incorporating Coding in STEM Classes

    A middle school teacher describes learning to code with her students, and how she now uses coding as a teaching tool in other classes.
  • Student Voice

    Opportunities for Student Decision-Making

    When high school students have a say in what happens in the classroom, they become more invested in their work.

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