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  • Integrated Studies

    A Month-to-Month Guide to Interdisciplinary Instruction

    Teacher collaboration across disciplines provides middle school students with work that reinforces learning and develops their research and writing skills.
    Dana Haring
  • Two elementary students play on a computer with their Spanish teacher
    Communication Skills

    5 Reasons to Use TV Commercials in World Language Classes

    Using commercials with storylines in the target language is a fun way to immerse students in the culture they’re studying.
  • Teacher sitting and talking to elementary student
    Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    The Benefits of Reflection in School Discipline

    When elementary students act out, one thing they need is time to reflect on the roots of their actions—and how they might respond differently next time.
  • Education Buzzwords Defined: What is Group Work?
    Collaborative Learning

    Education Buzzwords Defined: What Is Group Work?

    There are many misconceptions about group work in the classroom, but with clear expectations and defined roles, it can be a powerful way to engage students in collaborative learning.
  • Illustration of Ron Berger
    Student Engagement

    Ron Berger on the Power of ‘Beautiful Work’

    To motivate students and teachers alike, we need to deepen the work of schools and give everyone the time and space to work toward greatness, says the noted educator.
  • Illustration of children exploring sensory path
    Play & Recess

    A Hop, Skip, and a Jump: Creating Your Own Sensory Path

    The possibilities for creating a sensory path to give students a movement break are endless. Here’s what schools across the country are doing.
  • Teacher and students having a discussion in middle school
    Critical Thinking

    Using Metacognition to Enhance Learning in All Grades

    When students use a questioning strategy to think about their own thinking, they can see how to transfer their learning to new situations.
  • Teacher working with students during group chat in remote learning session
    Online Learning

    Reaching Through the Screen to Develop a Community of Learners

    Online instruction is remote, but it doesn’t have to be distant—teachers can cultivate a cohesive group in early elementary classrooms.
  • Illustration concept for embedding SEL in the classroom
    Classroom Management

    Sensory Strategies That Help Students Refocus on Learning

    Elementary students face a constant stream of distracting sensory stimuli throughout the day, but these simple, quick exercises can help them stay on track.
  • Elementary students stretching at their desks
    Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    5 Adaptable SEL Strategies for In-Person or Distance Learning

    Whatever this school year brings, teachers can consistently use these strategies to promote critical life skills.
  • Illustration of hand holding wires
    The Research Is In

    Defending a Teacher’s Right to Disconnect

    Remember personal time? For many educators, technology has driven it toward extinction—and it’s time to get serious about reclaiming it.
  • Understanding and Supporting Your Student with ODD
    Classroom Management

    Understanding and Supporting Your Student With ODD

    The behaviors associated with oppositional defiant disorder can be challenging in the classroom, but there are strategies to help build relationships and make way for learning.
  • How to Ease Math Anxiety in the Classroom
    Teaching Strategies

    How to Ease Math Anxiety in the Classroom

    To encourage kids to reach their fullest potential in math, consider adopting these four mindsets that help every student to thrive.
  • Education Buzzwords Defined: What are Flexible Classrooms?
    Flexible Classrooms

    Education Buzzwords Defined: What Are Flexible Classrooms?

    It’s not just about moving desks and chairs around—a flexible learning space makes room for more student voice and choice.
  • How to Teach Students to Manage Their Own Conflicts
    Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    How to Teach Students to Manage Their Own Conflicts

    Rather than settling disagreements and conflicts for students, aiding them in resolving their own problems can bolster a foundation of crucial conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.

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