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  • Teaching Strategies

    A Sense of Security Is Key for Students

    A warm smile can go a long way toward helping a middle or high school student who is struggling academically.
    Becca Smith
  • An illustration of a girl looking out the window
    Trauma-Informed Practices

    The Reparative Power of Relationships

    Many schools around the country strive to support students who have experienced trauma—and that work is always rooted in strong relationships.
  • High school student speaks in class.
    Student Engagement

    A Hip-Hop Song Inspires a New Path to Engagement

    A middle school teacher explains how she gamified assignments and saw a dramatic increase in student motivation.
  • Using Driving Questions to Propel Literacy Skills
    Project-Based Learning

    Using Driving Questions to Propel Literacy Skills

    When projects begin with a compelling question that students investigate over time, curiosity can spark the drive to read.
  • Schoolboy stands in front of the school door.
    School Culture

    Teachers—on Making Room for the New Kids in Class

    More than 6.5 million K–12 students in the U.S. change schools each year. How can teachers help them acclimate socially and academically?
  • Student writing on a small whiteboard during a distance learning assignment

    Simple Hacks to Improve Online Assessment

    Formative evaluation strategies can work well in online classrooms—with a few small adjustments.
  • Teenage boy doing math homework with calculator and computer
    Teaching Strategies

    How to Engage Students in Meaningful Math Discussions

    As middle and high school math students talk through problems, they build camaraderie and gain greater conceptual understanding.
  • Pre-school students sitting on floor in classroom
    Early Childhood Education

    Creating a Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Classroom

    Ensuring that all students see their culture reflected in the curriculum and classroom materials is crucial.
  • Laptop and headphones sit on empty couch
    Family Engagement

    Reaching Chronically Absent Students During Distance Learning

    Frequent phone calls, emails to parents, and flexible attendance policies can help wayward students get back on track.
  • High school student reading a book while sitting at her desk in a classroom

    Even Older Kids Should Have Time to Read in Class

    If the goal is to develop lifelong readers, students need time in class to practice—and learn to enjoy—reading.

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