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  • Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    The Enduring Importance of Extracurriculars

    It will be tempting to put after-school activities on the back burner this fall, but experts say that’s a missed opportunity—especially for teenagers.
    Sarah Gonser
  • Teaching Strategies

    How to Use Interleaving to Foster Deeper Learning

    Used strategically, interleaving challenges students to learn in smart, adaptive ways instead of relying on too much rote learning and muscle memory.
  • Interest-Based Learning

    Using Simple Outdoor Science Lessons to Inspire Students

    Open-ended prompts can guide students to explore life science processes in the world around them.
  • How to Foster Metacognitive Skills for Independent Learning
    Brain-Based Learning

    How to Foster Metacognitive Skills for Independent Learning

    Giving students tools to explore how they think and learn can be a powerful way to deepen understanding and build self-sufficiency—in the classroom and beyond.
  • Diversity

    5 Strategies to Help Black Students Feel at Home in School

    White teachers who take the time to know their Black students as individuals can foster a feeling of belonging that students need.
  • Family Engagement

    Using ‘Know, Wonder, Learn’ to Broaden Students’ Learning

    In “community KWL,” students ask their families what they know, wonder, and have learned about a topic to spark more questions to investigate.
  • STEM

    Teaching Students to Code Using Free Simulators

    Coding simulators give teachers a way to set up low floor, high ceiling activities for elementary students to practice what they’re learning.
  • Professional Learning

    Opening the Door to Professional Learning

    The pineapple chart is a way for teachers to invite colleagues into their room to observe lessons for meaningful and affirming collaboration.
  • Mental Health

    Breaking the Cycle of Silence Around Black Mental Health

    Data shows that Black youth are especially prone to develop mental health issues but less likely to seek out or receive the specialized services and care they need.
  • Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    Tried-and-True Resources to Teach Teens About Empathy

    With powerful online tools, teachers can build their students’ historical literacy and cultivate empathy.

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