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  • Technology Integration

    Effective Uses of Technology in Elementary School

    Minimizing screen time and maximizing student interactions are worthwhile, but there are still good uses of technology in the elementary grades.
    Avra Robinson
  • Education Equity

    How to Make Your Equity Policy a Reality

    A look at how districts can ensure that their commitment to equity has momentum geared toward success.
  • Media Literacy

    Teaching Students to Evaluate Websites

    A few pointers on how to guide middle and high school students to determine whether a website offers accurate information.
  • Student Engagement

    Building Classroom Community Through Daily Dedications

    When students share stories about those who have inspired and impacted them, the whole classroom feels more connected.
  • Professional Learning

    3 Keys to Evolving as a Lifelong Learner

    Engaging in a process of learning, unlearning, and relearning puts educators on a path to continuous improvement.
  • Project-Based Learning (PBL)

    A Simple, Effective Framework for PBL

    This plan was designed to guide teachers who haven’t had formal training in project-based learning.
  • Diversity

    Setting Up a Disability-Inclusive Curriculum

    Six strategies for making people with disabilities a part of your students’ diverse learning experiences.
  • Student Engagement

    5 Ways to Increase Students’ Engagement in Writing

    Upper elementary teachers can make small shifts in how they teach writing to spark students’ interest and promote critical thinking.
  • Student Engagement

    The Masked Teacher

    While face coverings present barriers to easy communication, educators can build a rapport with students by being deliberate in their interactions.
  • Student Engagement

    3 Strategies to Get Students Talking in Math Classrooms

    Talking through their math work helps students understand it better, and these strategies get those conversations started.

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