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  • Assessment

    Districts Make Progress—and Encounter Resistance—as They Update Grading Models

    Even as schools across the country experiment with new models for assessing students, they aren’t ready to commit to a wholesale divorce from the A to F letter grades that have been around since the 1940s.
    Andrew Boryga
  • Formative Assessment

    Bump-It-Up Walls Make Learning Progress Visible

    Teachers can use this visual rubric to help elementary students reflect on and evaluate their own learning as they move through the curriculum.
  • Student Engagement

    4 Meaningful Activities to Mark the End of School

    Giving middle and high school students a chance to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the next can be very beneficial.
  • Teacher Wellness

    Staying Connected to Purpose Beyond Testing Season

    Standardized tests are an inevitable part of school life, but education leader Ron Berger wants to remind administrators to keep holding space for the real reason teachers show up: to help kids become great thinkers and human beings.
  • Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    Promoting SEL Through Bulletin Boards

    With the right prompts, the bulletin boards in a school hallway—and their digital equivalents—can be used to foster social and emotional learning.
  • Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    Teaching and Modeling Gratitude in Elementary School

    Lessons in gratitude help students develop social awareness, a key component of social and emotional learning.
  • Curriculum Planning

    How to Develop an Effective Math Intervention Program

    Engaging students in thought-provoking activities encourages them to grow in their mathematical understanding and identity.
  • Technology Integration

    Digital Resources for Play-Based Learning in Preschool

    Digital media has the potential to be hands-on and playful. These online platforms encourage young students to engage in open-ended exploration.
  • Communication Skills

    Teaching Students How to Have an Academic Discussion

    This teacher-created scaffolding tool can elevate classroom dialogue, empowering students to express themselves while learning from the ideas of others.
  • New Teachers

    Tips for Guiding Students to Use Writing Time Effectively

    Thinking like a coach can help new teachers alleviate some of the common struggles students have with writing assignments.

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