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  • Diversity

    Cultivating the Classroom as a Safe Space

    Middle and high school teachers can create an environment that supports inclusion and gives students space to make mistakes as they learn.
    M.J. Fievre
  • Young elementary students inspect flowers outside with a magnifying glass
    Flexible Classrooms

    Easy Ways to Bring Your Students Outside

    The classroom isn’t the only place students can learn—use these activities to bring them outside for a while, which can relieve stress.
  • High school students sitting at their desks and listening to their teacher
    Brain-Based Learning

    5 Metacognitive Questions For Students Learning New Material

    New materials can leave kids in the fog. Here are five metacognitive questions they can use to find their way and become more independent learners.
  • Using Hexagons to Build Critical Thinking Skills
    Collaborative Learning

    Using Hexagons to Build Critical Thinking Skills

    This simple, flexible activity gets students collaborating to make connections between key themes—in any unit you are teaching.
  • Elementary school students work on tablets in classroom
    Technology Integration

    3 Simple Tech Tools to Bolster Literacy

    While most elementary students are learning in person now, these tools are a big help in promoting literacy in or outside of the classroom.
  • Administrators in a meeting
    Administration & Leadership

    Successful Leadership Comes From Successful Mentorship

    To provide school and team leaders with worthwhile feedback, superintendents and principals need to observe their leadership moments.
  • Elementary teacher bends down to help student working on her tablet at her desk
    English Language Learners

    10 Strategies That Support English Language Learners Across All Subjects

    Teachers of any subject can use these tips to help English language learners be more engaged and at ease in class.
  • Illustration concept for taking time for a reset
    Teacher Wellness

    5 Quick Stress Busters for Teachers

    Instead of pushing through anxiety and stress, you may be able to calm yourself and potentially add more balance to the rest of your day.
  • MIddle school teacher in classroom with students
    Brain-Based Learning

    Using Technology to Support 10 Executive Functioning Skills

    Teachers can use a variety of digital resources to foster the skills students need for long-term success.
  • HIgh school teacher helping students working on computers.
    Classroom Management

    Building a Better Check-In

    Carefully crafted check-ins can bring middle and high school classes closer together and improve student well-being.
  • Illustration concept for deemphasizing F grades

    The Case Against Zeros in Grading

    Teachers can rethink their grading practices to make them more mathematically fair for students and allow for redemption for a missed assignment.
  • Two teachers in a conversation at school
    Administration & Leadership

    3 Ways Administrators Can Show They Care About Teachers as People

    It’s easy for school leaders to get caught up in roles and responsibilities—but it’s important to remember that teachers are more than their job titles.
  • Teacher working with high school students
    Teaching Strategies

    Teaching Kids to Give and Receive Quality Peer Feedback

    Building a classroom culture of feedback requires scaffolding and a safe, nurturing environment, but it’s worth the effort, teachers say.
  • High school classroom with teacher and students
    Critical Thinking

    A Question Teachers Should Ask as Often as Possible

    Push students past simple recall into deeper thought and engagement by adding this short follow-up question to your repertoire.
  • Students play a stretching game during a classroom break
    Brain-Based Learning

    More Than a Dozen Ways to Build Movement Into Learning

    Physical activity that amplifies learning can have a powerful effect on retention and engagement—it’s also fun.

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