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Dr. Monica Burns is a Curriculum and EdTech Consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator, and Founder of As a classroom teacher in New York City, Monica used digital tools to create an engaging, differentiated learning experience to meet the unique needs of her students. Monica started her blog in 2012 to help make EdTech easier for fellow educators and launched the Easy EdTech Podcast and her membership site the Easy EdTech Club to support educators who want to simplify and streamline technology integration.

Since starting, Monica has led workshops and webinars and provided keynote presentations to teachers, instructional coaches, administrators, and tech-enthusiasts at numerous national and international conferences including SXSWedu, ISTE, FETC, and EduTECH. Monica is the author of Tasks Before Apps: Designing Rigorous Learning in a Tech-Rich Classroom (ASCD), two quick reference guides for ASCD on distance learning essentials and classroom technology tips, as well as several other publications.

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  • Student Engagement

    3 Participation Strategies for Live Video Instruction

    Most teachers develop ways to encourage classroom participation, but may not yet have ones for distance learning. These are easy to use anytime.
  • Classroom Technology

    Putting Learning First With New Tech Tools

    Five areas you can focus on to ensure that the digital tools transforming education serve your learning objectives.
  • Literacy

    Cultivating a Love of Reading in the Digital Age

    Four tips for taking advantage of apps and other tools to encourage students to read.
  • Mobile Learning

    Using Math Apps to Increase Understanding

    These 10 free or low-cost apps turn learning math into a game.
  • Technology Integration

    5 Apps for Making Movies on Mobile Devices

    Every year at Hollywood award shows, we see fantastic movies celebrated for their rich storytelling and dynamic performances. Your students can become moviemakers, too, thanks to some powerful apps for mobile devices. With these tools, your children can take videos and edit their work to make professional quality movies using iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) and Android tablets.
  • Technology Integration

    6 Free Online Resources for Primary Source Documents

    The Common Core Learning Standards describe the importance of teaching students how to comprehend informational text. Primary source documents are artifacts created by individuals during a particular period in history. This could be a letter, speech, photograph or journal entry. If you're looking to integrate social studies into your literacy block, try out one of these resources for primary source documents.
  • Teacher Wellness

    Reboot: 5 Resources for Teacher Inspiration

    Whether snacking on TED-Ed videos, reading with purpose, checking into a smile backchannel, or chuckling at hashtags and memes, you're never far from relief and inspiration.
  • Apps

    6 Exciting AR Apps for Student Learning

    Using augmented reality apps like Quiver, Elements 4D, and Aurasma, you can engage students with learning materials that spring to life in three-dimensional overlays.
  • Technology Integration

    6 iPad Apps for Creative Writing

    Edutopia blogger Monica Burns, recognizing that written storytelling doesn't come easily to every child, has hunted down six iPad apps that will bring fun and creative challenge to learning this essential real-world skill.
  • Mobile Learning

    14 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom

    Edutopia blogger Monica Burns presents a wealth of iPad apps to transform daily math lessons for elementary students.
  • Mobile Learning

    Resources for Using iPads in Grades K-2

    Looking for advice on integrating iPads in K-2 classrooms? In this curated guide, we've compiled resources to help you find apps, learn about best practices, and explore ideas for engaging activities.
  • Formative Assessment

    Tech-Based Formative Assessment

    Check for understanding in a meaningful and sustainable way with these assessment tools.
  • Apps

    10 Free Apps and Tools for Starting Out (and Staying) Organized

    Choose from among these options—all free!—to develop a system for staying on top of student work, lesson plans, and resource ideas.
  • Formative Assessment

    Empowering Teachers With Tech-Friendly Formative Assessment Tools

    By locating the right tool and building data collection into your routine, you can easily have the formative assessment data you need for responding to student understanding.
  • Literacy

    7 Tech Tips for Your Next Read-Aloud

    Whether it's remote guest readers, digital exit slips, or responses in text and drawing, technology can personalize the read-aloud experience for every student in class.

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