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Jason DeHart

Assistant Professor of Reading Education at Reich College of Education Appalachian State University

Jason D. DeHart is an assistant professor of reading education at Reich College of Education Appalachian State University. DeHart reviews books at Reading and Literature Resources Blog and taught middle grades English for eight years.


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    3 Lessons Learned as a New Teacher

    Many new teachers are told they need to be more strict, but that may not be the best advice for everyone.
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    Using Comic Books for Serious Learning

    Comic books and graphic novels can engage middle school readers, and creating them is a way to incorporate language arts standards.
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    Discovering the Depth in Graphic Novels

    Graphic novels can give middle school readers rich opportunities to explore literary themes and conventions.
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    A Community of Readers in Middle School

    After using whole-class novels that failed to engage students, a teacher finds the benefits of letting them choose what to read.
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    Why Read? 5 Student Attitudes

    A former middle school teacher describes five attitudes toward reading that he encountered in working with students.