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Jason DeHart

Jason D. DeHart is a graduate teaching associate at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  DeHart reviews books at Reading and Literature Resources Blog and taught middle grades English for eight years.


  • Literacy

    Using Comic Books for Serious Learning

    Comic books and graphic novels can engage middle school readers, and creating them is a way to incorporate language arts standards.
  • Literacy

    Discovering the Depth in Graphic Novels

    Graphic novels can give middle school readers rich opportunities to explore literary themes and conventions.
  • Literacy

    A Community of Readers in Middle School

    After using whole-class novels that failed to engage students, a teacher finds the benefits of letting them choose what to read.
  • Literacy

    Why Read? 5 Student Attitudes

    A former middle school teacher describes five attitudes toward reading that he encountered in working with students.