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English-Language Learners

Discover ways to optimize instruction to address the needs of students who are learning English.

  • English-Language Learners

    6 Essential Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners

    We interviewed educators with decades of experience in teaching ELLs and tapped a network of experts and observers to find the strategies that work.
  • English-Language Learners

    4 Simple Ways to Support English Learners’ Comprehension

    Simple strategies—like providing visual cues—that teachers can use to help English learners improve their understanding in any class.
  • English-Language Learners

    Working With Dually Classified Learners

    A group of educators has developed an instructional model to support English language learners with special needs.
  • English-Language Learners

    12 Fun Speaking Games for Language Learners

    Every teacher has faced the struggle of encouraging students to speak. Here's a list of a fun activities to get your students to talking.
  • English-Language Learners

    Do’s & Don’ts for Teaching English-Language Learners

    In an excerpt from his book with fellow teacher Katie Hull Sypnieski, blogger Larry Ferlazzo looks at a few basic ways to reach students who are learning English as well as the subject at hand.
  • Diversity

    Preparing for Cultural Diversity: Resources for Teachers

    How can teachers prepare for diverse classrooms? There isn't a definitive answer, but there is a wealth of resources online. Discover some helpful links for teachers.
  • English-Language Learners

    Teaching English Language Learners: A Complex Endeavor

    A teacher seeks out the best approaches to teaching English to non-native speakers, the fastest growing student population in the U.S.
  • English-Language Learners

    The Dual Immersion Solution

    Instead of seeing English language learners as a costly challenge, districts are increasingly recognizing the assets they bring to their schools.
  • Assessment

    8 Strategies for Teaching Academic Language

    Ideas for developing students’ capacity to understand and use discipline-specific terminology and the language used in instruction.
  • Student Voice

    Domingo: Somebody Just Like Me

    When students see themselves reflected in their teachers, it shows them that they too can succeed.
  • English-Language Learners

    Teaming Up to Support English Learners

    Some dos and don’ts to help language specialists build strong relationships with content teachers who teach English learners.
  • English-Language Learners

    Strategies and Resources for Supporting English-Language Learners

    Being an English-language learner in the United States is no honeymoon. Efforts to support ELLs have often been well meaning but misinformed. Indeed, a lot of assumptions about how to serve ELLs need to be checked. In this article, UC Berkeley experts Margaret Bridge and Bruce Fuller offer three examples of these faulty assumptions.
  • English-Language Learners

    Activating Prior Knowledge With English Language Learners

    Students learn better when they first access what they already know—and this plays a big role in improving English language learners’ academic literacy.
  • English-Language Learners

    Resources for Teaching English-Language Learners

    From literacy instruction to arts and technology integration, explore strategies for engaging English-language learners.
  • Student Engagement

    10 Tips for Teaching English-Language Learners

    Blogger Ayanna Cooper shares some great ideas for connecting with students just learning English.