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Explore videos that showcase evidence-based learning practices in preK-12 schools, and see our core strategies and key topics in action.

  • Play & Recess

    Using Movement to Teach Vocabulary

    When students explore new words through movement, they understand them better, retain them longer, and feel more empowered to use them.
  • Play & Recess

    Creating Opportunities for Unstructured Play

    When schools make space for free play in a natural environment, students are left to their own devices to build, create, and problem-solve—and the benefits continue once they are back in the classroom.
  • Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    How Puppets Can Help Kids Express Emotions

    Using simple strategies acted out by puppets, students learn social and emotional skills that help them calm themselves, identify their feelings, and connect with others.
  • Career & Technical Education

    5 Ways to Build Career Connections in High School

    When teachers build bridges from the classroom to the world of work, it can motivate and inspire their students—and help them imagine their futures.
  • Financial Literacy

    Kickstarting Collaboration With a Lockbox Challenge

    When teens work together to solve puzzles, they practice much-needed social skills—and engage more deeply with the content.
  • Financial Literacy

    Teaching Students How to Be Smart With Their Money

    When schools teach financial literacy, they help students develop lifelong money management skills—and families benefit too.
  • Media Literacy

    8 Tips to Help Students Evaluate Websites

    When students learn the tools for assessing a website’s authenticity, they gain valuable critical thinking and media literacy skills.
  • Professional Learning

    4 Ways to Build a Culture of Professional Learning

    When school leaders give teachers the opportunity to improve their craft together, the entire community benefits.
  • Research

    How Drawing Can Lead to Deeper Understanding

    Organizational drawings—concept maps and sketchnotes, for example—help students see gaps in their learning while boosting comprehension by fourfold.
  • Research

    A Landmark Study Strikes a Resounding Note for Inclusion

    New research confirms that the best way to serve students with disabilities is in general ed—not siloed in special education classrooms.

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