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Explore videos that showcase evidence-based learning practices in preK-12 schools, and see our core strategies and key topics in action.

  • Literacy

    60-Second Strategy: Role Reading

    By giving each student a job to do when tackling complex text, teachers help ensure that students actually understand what they are reading.
  • Communication Skills

    3 Ways to Support Academic Talk Among Students

    By providing opportunities for students to share ideas with each other, teachers create space for them to develop social skills, retain more content, and deepen understanding of the material.
  • Student Wellness

    A New Theory on the Teen Mental Health Crisis

    While rising rates of teen mental health issues can’t be pinned to a single root cause, a 2023 study surfaced a compelling connection to the decline in childhood independence.
  • Collaborative Learning

    60-Second Strategy: Pass the Marker

    Getting students up on their feet and solving problems together helps build engagement—and stronger math thinkers.
  • Research

    In Sum, Math Picture Books Work

    A 2023 research review shows that when picture books are integrated into math lessons, student performance—and engagement—can see a sizable boost.
  • School Culture

    What Makes Learning More Playful?

    By bringing playful approaches into the classroom, teachers can engage more students at a deeper level, improve learning environments, and boost motivation.
  • Student Wellness

    Making Physical Education More Well-Rounded

    Adding practices like reflective journaling, Socratic seminars, and team-building games to gym class is a perfect way for kids to learn and practice key SEL skills.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

    How to Welcome Newcomers in the Classroom

    Putting supportive systems into place for newcomers and creating a classroom culture that celebrates each student’s heritage helps all learners feel like they belong.
  • School Culture

    Sustaining a Schoolwide Culture of Playful Learning

    Educators in this small town prioritized innovation, creativity, and wonder in every aspect of their school, and the message to students was clear—dream big, because anything is possible.
  • Teacher Wellness

    How Playful Approaches Can Bring More Joy to Teaching

    When educators are supported in exploring more playful models of teaching and learning, everyone in the classroom thrives.

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