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  • Administration & Leadership

    Question: How Should the Systems for Evaluating Teachers Change?

    Share your thoughts on teacher evaluations. We're listening and may quote you!
  • Instructional Coaching

    Improving Your Teaching With an AI Coach

    New tools are leveraging artificial intelligence to help teachers glean insights into how they interact with students.
  • Student Engagement

    Protocols That Get All Students Talking in Class Discussions

    These intentional response strategies create entry points for students who may feel reticent to share in class discussions.
  • Brain-Based Learning

    Jump-Starting Academic Learning With Movement and Dance

    The benefits of movement in the classroom aren’t limited to younger students. Pairing new words and concepts with gestures or dance moves locks in understanding—and active brain breaks prime students to learn even more.
  • Literacy

    Tips for Improving Vocabulary Instruction in Middle School

    These strategies go beyond flash cards to help students learn new terms and apply them in novel contexts.
  • Literacy

    Centering Classroom Values in Peer Writing Workshops

    By structuring peer feedback processes with intention, teachers can help students develop reflection and communication skills.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

    The Benefits of Defining Inclusion With Your Students

    Teachers can facilitate conversations to ensure that students feel welcomed, heard, and valued in the classroom.
  • Teaching Strategies

    Designing Effective Microlessons

    This four-step framework allows teachers to engage students in a short, powerful lesson. 
  • Technology Integration

    3 Super Engaging Ways to Integrate Technology Into Lessons for Young Readers

    Early elementary teachers can use robots and apps to develop literacy skills and boost students’ interest in reading.
  • Homework

    Assigning More Meaningful Math Homework

    A small set of problems or even one substantial problem can be enough to supplement classroom instruction.

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