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Family Engagement: Resource Roundup

Explore tips, strategies, and resources to help improve the connection from home to school and expand parent involvement.
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A man helping a girl with her homework the kitchen table

Ideas for Getting Started

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Teacher-Tested Strategies and Tips

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Effective Communication Is Key

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Top Tips for School Leaders

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How Parents Can Get Involved

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Engaging Parents
Build parent partnerships to support student learning.

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Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra's picture
Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra
Education Officer, GEMS INDIA

Excellent Content. Very very informative. Innovator in Education: sixsigmaineducationDOTcom

Phil's picture
Teacher and Ed-Tech Blogger at

With the release of Google Voice integrated into Gmail, I created a post of some of the major ways to communicate with parents with today's technololgy. Nothing can replace the face-to-face conference, but sometimes schedules or time can make this difficult. Hopefully these resources help you to stay in contact with you parents no matter what.

Communicating With Parents -

Rebecca's picture
Communications Specialist

Improving parent communication and engagement in the classroom is a struggle many teachers face. Fortunately, technology offers a lot of efficient ways to deal with this issue. I recently wrote a blog post that discusses improving parent communication with technology:

Jessica Cuthbertson's picture

I love these tips. Having just completed my first round of home visits I know this is a very powerful way to forge stronger connections between schools and families. Read more about what I learned from home visits here:

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