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Back-to-School Resources for Parents

Find resources to help children begin school with a positive mindset, support their transition into a new school year, and prepare them for fall learning.

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students posing for a first-day-of school photo

Back-to-School Advice and Checklists

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Easing the Back-to-School Transition

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Tech Tips for a New School Year

For more tips and guidance about managing media and technology use, check out these other posts from Edutopia:

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Gearing Up for Fall Learning

For more parent strategies around homework, take a look at these other blog posts from Edutopia:

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The Power of Parental Involvement

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Anne K. Ross:'s picture
Anne K. Ross:
School Psychologist & Author of BEYOND RAIN MAN

I recommend the new book, Beyond Rain Man: What One Psychologist Learned Raising a Son on the Autism Spectrum, endorsed by Temple Grandin and many experts in the autism field. It informs parents and teachers and supports students with autism spectrum disorders/Asperger's.

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