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Tech2Learn: Success Stories of Technology Integration in the Classroom

This video series goes inside the classrooms of educators who use technology tools in their lessons every day. Learn from their challenges, celebrate their successes, and share their resources in every episode.
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Enhancing Lessons With Blended Learning

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Collaborative Digital Presentations With Online Tools

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Engaging Kids With Digital Video Production

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Differentiating Instruction Through Technology

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Getting Started With Free or Low-Cost Technology Tools

  • VIDEO: Free Online Resources Engage Elementary Kids (2012)

    Fifth-grade teacher Nicole Dalesio keeps her class motivated to learn by encouraging them to create multimedia presentations and projects using technology tools on the web. Check out these resource links from Nicole Dalesio.

  • Related Resources From Edutopia
  • How to Integrate Tech When It Keeps Changing, by Todd Finley (2014)

    For students to embrace the skills needed in a changing technology landscape, teachers must coordinate knowledge, instructional practices, and technologies to positively influence academic achievement.

  • Building Your EdTech Ecosystem, by Beth Holland (2014)

    A learning environment is a delicate balance of mutable elements, requiring a nurturing teacher and ongoing evaluation of information handling, content creation, and results.

  • What Edtech Can You Trust? by Judy Willis (2014)

    Education needs reliable standards for validating edtech product claims. Judy Willis suggests Consumer Reports, Edutopia, Graphite, the British Education Index, and What Works Clearinghouse.

  • Cardboard Box Tools, by Beth Holland (2014)

    Three digital learning tools, much like an empty cardboard box full of open-ended possibilities, offer young minds the free play of imagination.

  • The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now), by Vicki Davis (2014)

    Davis shares a wealth of apps and platforms that can facilitate teaching and maximize learning within a BYOD classroom and school environment. She counts 51, and these are just her favorites! For more recommendations about apps, check out Edutopia’s Apps page.

  • Doing More with Less (and Other Practical Educational Technology Tidbits), by Adam Bellow (2011)

    The 2011 International Society for Technology in Education Outstanding Young Educator shares his thoughts on simple ways of integrating technology.

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Programming and Video Games in the Classroom

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