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Blended Learning

Blended Learning: Resource Roundup

We've collected resources from Edutopia and the web to help you navigate the possibilities of blended learning, an approach that combines face-to-face instruction with technology-mediated learning.

May 19, 2014 Updated April 6, 2015
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What Is Blended Learning?


  • A Working Model for Blended Learning in an Urban School, by Nicholas Donohue (2014)

    After two years of blended learning, a low-performing high school became one of the country's best. Read about how they shifted the learning, teaching, and culture.

  • Virtual Schooling: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Headed? by Andrew Miller (2013)

    Miller discusses the current state of blended learning in schools and challenges to implementation that remain.

  • Sal Khan Maps Out Blended Learning (2012)

    In this video, Sal Khan discusses blended learning and how virtual learning can increase opportunities for open-ended and creative learning experiences in the physical classroom.

  • Want to know more about the flipped-classroom model, a popular form of blended learning where traditional lecture and homework elements are reversed? Access additional resources on Edutopia's Flipped Classroom page; the "Flipped-Learning Toolkit" is a good place to start.


Getting Started With Blended Learning


Tools and Strategies


Blended Learning in Practice


Additional Resources on the Web

Defining and Getting Started With Blended Learning

Tips, Tools, and Strategies

Blended Learning in Practice and Research


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