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Teaching Teamwork Through Video Game Development (Tech2Learn Series)

High school computer science teacher Ben Chun's students gain programming literacy and collaboration skills as they work in teams to build video games for elementary school students. 

May 9, 2012

Tech2Learn Video Series

Our video series goes inside the classrooms of educators who use technology tools in their lessons every day. Learn from their challenges, celebrate their successes, and share their resources in every episode.

This series is a co-production with the Teaching Channel.

Additional Resources and Tools from Mr. Chun

  • Processing

    The free, open-source software developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that Ben Chun uses for the class and project profiled in the video

  • OpenProcessing

    A website that allows sharing and feedback about Processing code

  • Sketchpad

    A tool for collaborative programming in Processing that shows the revisions of your work

  • I Learned To Program...

    Another one of Mr. Chun's projects to collect very short stories of how and why people got started programming. More than 500 curated stories (intentionally over-representing female stories) that can be used to help students see the diversity in that field of study and industry

  • Ben Chun's Blog

    Teacher reflections on the practice of teaching computer science, as well as broader educational issues

  • Follow Ben Chun on Twitter.

Visit the Tech2Learn series page to see more resources.

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