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Media Literacy

The Future of Fake News

New audio and video software will make media manipulations harder to detect. These essential media literacy questions can help.
Seated on the floor, elementary school children in school uniforms look all in the same direction.
Global Education

Giving Students’ Empathy Muscles a Workout

A new platform helps teachers in different countries connect their classrooms and encourage an appreciation for different perspectives.
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Brain-Based Learning

Quick Classroom Exercises to Combat Stress

These brain breaks and focused-attention practices can help students cope with stress and trauma and focus on their...
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Kids build houses out of graham crackers in the author’s class.
Lesson Plans

The Great Gingerbread House Project

Keeping fourth graders engaged in math in the run-up to winter break is easier with this sweet project.
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A female student looks at a tablet computer with holographic images of data charts floating around it.

Why Student Data Should Be Students’ Data

Students can make gains in taking ownership of their work when they’re given access to their data around that work.
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Classroom Management

Secret Admirers and Classroom Management

A simple activity can reduce friction in a classroom by guiding students to focus on each other’s strengths.
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The Research Is In

2017 Education Research Highlights

Twelve studies that educators should know about, on everything from the benefits of mentors to the most effective studying strategies.
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Character Education

Encouraging a Sense of Gratitude in Students

Activities that foster gratefulness have benefits for students beyond enhancing their social and emotional skills.
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Classroom Technology

Polling Students to Check Understanding

Audience response systems are a quick, engaging way to pause a lecture and see how well students are understanding the material.
Student Engagement

Cranking Teaching Strategies Up to Awesome

“Surprise and delight” is a core student engagement strategy at this school—built into both the instruction and the building’s design.
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Social and Emotional Learning

Morning Meetings: Building Community in the Classroom

Starting the day with this 15-minute activity helps students regulate their emotions and focus on the day’s learning.
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Technology Integration

Tech Buddies: Building Technology Skills Through Peer Teaching

See the learning on both sides when fifth graders teach computer skills to first graders.
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Communication Skills

Oracy in the Classroom: Strategies for Effective Talk

School 21 develops confident students who can articulate their thoughts and learning with strategies like discussion guidelines and roles and structured talk tasks.
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Community Partnerships

The Big List of Educational Grants and Resources

Get a roundup of educational grants, contests, awards, free toolkits, and classroom guides aimed at helping students, classrooms, schools, and communities. Check this page weekly to get the latest updates!
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A teacher in a science classroom talks as a student raises their hand.
Teaching Strategies

Making Failure Harder Work Than Passing

A rigorous intervention pushes students who might be satisfied with a D to aim higher.
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Children in a classroom raise both hands in the air during a movement break.
Learning Environments

3 Elementary Classroom Hacks

A teacher explains strategies she once used with first graders, with updates from her current perspective teaching fourth grade.
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Classroom Technology

11 Essentials for Excellent Digital Portfolios

Guiding your students to get the most out of digital portfolios takes careful planning, and we have ideas to help you get started.
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Students raise their hands in a class.
Brain-Based Learning

How Metacognition Boosts Learning

Students often lack the metacognitive skills they need to succeed, but they can develop these skills by addressing some simple questions.
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A high school student smiles confidently as he uses his computer.
Growth Mindset

The Importance of Academic Courage

Courage exists in math as much as in mountain climbing, and students can develop the courage to tackle academic and life challenges.
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New Teachers

New Teachers: Fundamentals of Classroom Management

Resources for developing routines, fostering classroom community, managing disruptions, and building student relationships.
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Classroom Management

Compassion as a Classroom Management Tool

First-year teachers may feel that taking a strict approach with their students is best. A second-year teacher makes a...
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New Teachers

A Phone Call Home Makes All the Difference

You don’t have to reserve phone calls to parents for bad news. Try these tips to deepen communication and trust with...
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Classroom Management

Rules and Routines in the Classroom

An argument for keeping hard rules to a minimum.
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Young students are working at tables in a large multipurpose room with large colorful-shaped decorations hanging from the ceiling.
Trading Places

Birmingham Covington: Building a Student-Centered School

Educators take on the role of guides and motivate students to direct their own learning.
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Integrated Studies

Sparking Curiosity and Solving Real-World Problems

See how students apply their literacy skills to explore science problems outside classroom walls.
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Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum

Four of the skills used to solve computer science problems can be applied in other classes as well.
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Arts Integration

Arts Integration: Resource Roundup

All points of arts integration -- from benefits and implementation to linking the arts with core curriculum -- are...
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