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Holly Korbey

Freelance Journalist

Holly Korbey is a journalist and the author of Building Better Citizens. Her work on education has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Bright, Brain, Child Magazine, and others. She's a regular contributor on education for KQED's MindShift, and lives in Nashville with her family. Follow her on Twitter: @HKorbey


  • Literacy

    Is it Time to Drop ‘Finding the Main Idea’ and Teach Reading in a New Way?

    Some schools are changing the way they teach reading—based on research that shows background knowledge is more critical to comprehension than general skills like ‘finding the main idea.’
  • Literacy

    The Reading Wars: Choice vs. Canon

    English teachers are wrestling with how to navigate the increasingly contentious terrain between student choice and assigning the classics.
  • Brain-Based Learning

    Unraveling the Myths Around Reading and Dyslexia

    Teachers are seeking new training to understand the brain science around dyslexia, the most commonly reported disability among children.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    The Power of Being Seen

    How well do you know your students? In a Nevada school, a simple strategy pushes teachers to look beyond the lessons.
  • Student Wellness

    Schools Respond to the Rise of Student Vaping

    Easy to conceal in hoodies and hands, vaping takes a foothold among youth. Schools look for solutions.
  • Trading Places

    Birmingham Covington: Building a Student-Centered School

    Educators take on the role of guides and motivate students to direct their own learning.
  • Teacher Collaboration

    Want to Improve a District? Let Teachers Lead the Way

    A Connecticut superintendent put teachers and students at the forefront of all decisions and transformed a district.
  • Global Education

    Pen Pals 2.0: Can Technology Foster Global Tolerance?

    Schools all over the world are using digital tools to help students collaborate and build cultural understanding with distant peers.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

    A History in Which We Can All See Ourselves

    Educators are finding ways to tell a richer history of America—responding to the demands of an increasingly diverse student body.
  • Virtual Reality

    Will Virtual Reality Drive Deeper Learning?

    As an ever-growing array of virtual reality tools hits schools, educators wonder if the technology lives up to its hype.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Nashville Confronts SEL Resistance Head-On

    A social and emotional learning initiative gains traction, meeting the needs of a changing city.
  • Social Studies

    New Times Call for a New Civics

    After decades of decline, civics education may be staging a comeback as teachers help their students make sense of a heated political climate.
  • Parent Partnership

    Parent Stories: When Your First School Choice Isn't the Right One

    Sometimes your child's first school doesn't work out. Four parents share their stories of making a change.
  • Parent Partnership

    Parent Stories: When Your District Changes the Game

    Sometimes your school system throws you a curveball. Learn how three parents navigated their new terrain.

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