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Sarah Gonser

Contributing Editor

Sarah Gonser is a contributing editor. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Hechinger Report, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and numerous other media outlets. Her first job in journalism was as the obituary writer for a California daily newspaper.

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  • Literacy

    If We Want Bookworms, We Need to Get Beyond Leveled Reading

    When it comes to nurturing kids’ love of reading, research suggests variety, choice—and encouragement to stretch—can make a difference.
  • Literacy

    3 Ways to Make Better Use of Reading Science

    Teaching reading is hard. But there are fundamental things we know about how kids learn to read—the key is to remain nuanced in their application.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Powerful SEL Is Happening After School, Too

    New research shows that when schools extend SEL lessons beyond the classroom into after-school programming, students’ academic skills and classroom behaviors improve.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    What Brain Science Teaches Us About Conflict Resolution

    When a teacher noticed her kids fighting at recess, she turned to neuroscience and mindfulness practice to help them take control of their emotions.
  • Critical Thinking

    6 Scaffolds That Deepen Independent Learning

    When teaching problem-based lessons, use thinking scaffolds to propel students toward greater expertise and deeper learning.
  • Critical Thinking

    Preparing Social Studies Students to Think Critically in the Modern World

    Vetting primary resources isn’t easy—but doing it well is crucial for fostering engagement and deeper learning in a rapidly changing world.
  • School Leadership

    5 Strategies to Minimize Bad Leadership Decisions

    When school administrators make lots of tough calls, the quality of decisions later in the day tends to suffer. Here’s how to minimize that effect.
  • School Leadership

    Key Strategies for Reducing Friction Over Student Discipline

    Principals and teachers must work hard at alignment when it comes to the difficult—and evolving—question of student discipline.
  • Diversity

    A Strategy for Overcoming Equity Issues in Gifted Programs

    Universal screening, some school districts say, makes access to gifted education more fair—but costs can be high.
  • STEM

    Connecting Math and Science to Reading and Writing

    Educators in K-12 classrooms are exploring unique ways to bridge the gap between math, science, and literacy.
  • Growth Mindset

    Easy to Say—But How Do You Really Help Students Learn From Failure?

    Teachers need real, actionable strategies when it comes to teaching students how to develop the resilience to learn from their mistakes.