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  • The Research Is in

    The 10 Most Significant Education Studies of 2023

    Once again, to the ramparts. Following our annual tussle with hundreds of education studies of merit, we’ve managed to pare it down to 10 we think you shouldn’t miss.
    Youki Terada, Stephen Merrill
  • Assessment

    Aligning Instructional Strategies and Competency-Based Assessments

    Teachers may need to adjust their instruction and feedback methods depending upon where students are on proficiency scales.
  • Early Childhood Education

    3 Improv Exercises to Use as Guided Play

    These exercises allow young students to use their imaginations while reinforcing concepts taught in class.
  • Student Voice

    Making Meaning of High School With Self-Reflection

    Building a tradition where high school seniors share a personal narrative has helped this school community honor each and every student experience.
  • Administration & Leadership

    How School Leaders Can Help Teachers Flourish in the Classroom

    A teacher and coach offers strategies to help ensure that educators will feel supported as professionals.
  • Student Engagement

    Building Busy Boxes for Preschoolers

    These kits—organized around lessons or students’ individual interests—encourage preschoolers to engage in independent play.
  • Administration & Leadership

    Using Data to Proactively Manage Student Behavior

    Schools can identify trends and patterns in student behavior in order to help correct issues and prevent them from recurring.
  • Teaching Strategies

    The Power of Compliments in the Math Classroom

    Consider these ideas for giving students meaningful praise that will encourage their learning.
  • Technology Integration

    Lessons From Antarctica: Bringing Virtual Reality Into Environmental Education

    The Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship brought one teacher deep into the antarctic, emerging with deepened knowledge of environmental education and the role of VR in student engagement.
  • Project-Based Learning (PBL)

    Project-Based Learning for New Teachers

    Building confidence to try PBL can be tough—here are some ways to integrate projects with the essential elements of core instruction.
  • Collaborative Learning

    60-Second Strategy: Whiteboard Relay

    The team competition is fierce in this informal assessment activity, in which students have to work together to win.
  • Classroom Management

    Incorporating the Calming Corner Into Station Rotation

    Elementary students benefit from opportunities to take a break from academic learning and explore activities that support their emotional development.
  • Teaching Strategies

    22 Unexpectedly Effective Teaching Hacks

    Teachers across the country share the most useful teaching tips they’ve learned—everything from the utility of Velcro to the power of periodically faking amnesia.
  • Student Engagement

    How to Get Students Talking About Their Learning

    These simple strategies can help motivate middle and high school students to have engaging and productive classroom discussions.
  • Brain-Based Learning

    9 Brain Breaks That Teens Will Love

    Students are still learning, even during brief breaks, which serve to help them decompress, refocus, and process new information.

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