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Teacher Collaboration

Draw on collective expertise and energy through collaborative teaching and planning, collegial support, and team development.

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  • 3 Reasons Why PBL Is an Effective Option For Teachers

    Project-based learning encourages student engagement and self-directed learning, and helps teachers make the best use of their time.
    James Fester, Erin Starkey
  • Fostering an Effective Professional Learning Community at Your School

    A look at how school leaders can promote the establishment and success of a professional learning community for teachers.
  • A Practical Guide to Interdisciplinary PBL Collaboration

    Here are some ways teachers can manage the process of working together across the curriculum to design project-based learning units.
  • Using Collaborative Content Curation for Professional Development

    Having teachers work together to seek out and evaluate potential new teaching materials is a valuable PD opportunity.
  • How to Manage a Multiyear Project—and Why You Should Try One

    Working on a project like a garden for years is challenging but yields plenty of learning and engagement for each new group of students.
  • How Simple Reflection Activities Can Bolster Your Co-Teaching

    Reflecting together might feel uncomfortable at first, but establishing the habit is essential to a successful co-teaching collaboration.
  • How to Choose a Co-Teaching Model

    Knowing the pros and cons of the six models of co-teaching can help teachers determine which one is best for a given lesson.
  • 3 Tips for Co-teaching Multilingual Students

    Effective collaboration between language specialists and content teachers can help multilingual students succeed.
  • Creating Effective Professional Learning Communities

    If managed well, these teams can help teachers innovate in the classroom and improve student outcomes.
  • A Mentoring Strategy for Preservice Teachers

    Teacher candidates at the University of Wyoming Lab School co-teach with veterans to learn about planning, instruction, and assessment.
  • No Teacher Is an Island

    Working in small teams, high school teachers offer each other support and feedback for improving in their work.
  • How to Reboot Your Staff Meetings

    Technology and changing circumstances have pushed educators to evaluate how they run meetings—and make some needed improvements.
  • A Collaborative Model for PD

    Immediate application and feedback go a long way toward ensuring that professional development has its intended impact.
  • The Key to Effective Teams in Schools: Emotional Intelligence

    A school team’s emotional intelligence might be the most important predictor of what it will to do together and how conversations will go.
  • What I’ve Learned From Special Ed Teachers

    Special education teachers have valuable insights to share with their peers about patience, empathy, working with parents, and more.

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