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Sean Cassel

High School Administrator

I taught high school English for 15 years before becoming an assistant principal and supervisor of special education, business, and technology. I earned my doctorate from Wilmington University in 2018.

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  • Teacher Collaboration

    How to Choose a Co-Teaching Model

    Knowing the pros and cons of the six models of co-teaching can help teachers determine which one is best for a given lesson.
  • School Leadership

    What I Learned as a New Administrator

    An administrator reflects with gratitude on being able to see the work teachers and support staff do in a new light.
  • Literacy

    Peer Review Done Right

    A high school English teacher discusses how he improved the peer review process in his classroom after early attempts came up short.
  • Classroom Management

    Simple Relationship-Building Strategies

    Embedding dual-purpose tasks in coursework can help teachers overcome the obstacles to forging strong relationships with students.

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