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Arts Integration: Resource Roundup

All points of arts integration -- from benefits and implementation to linking the arts with core curriculum -- are covered in this roundup of useful Edutopia blog posts, articles, and videos.
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Benefits of Arts Integration

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Linking Arts and Core Curriculum

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Fostering Creativity

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STEAM and Maker Education

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Downloads and Examples From Schools That Work

Edutopia's flagship series highlights practices and case studies from K-12 schools and districts that are improving the way students learn. Below, find featured downloads, and dive into real-world examples of arts integration in practice.

Arts-Infused Project-Based Learning: Crafting Beautiful Work

Learn about School 21 -- a public, urban school in London, U.K. -- and how educators there bring cross-curricular, arts-infused project-based learning into the classroom. Find out more by reading "How to Infuse the Arts Into Core Curriculum (and Why It Matters), and download a project planning checklist for more insight into their process:  

Bookmaking Across Subjects: Making Learning Last Longer

Discover how educators at Symonds Elementary School use bookmaking school-wide to to blend academics and art in ways that excite and engage students, build school community, and make learning feel more personalized and fun.

Travel Journals: Student-Created Textbooks

Find out how students at Normal Park Museum Magnet School create unique "travel journals" to explore themes of science and social studies units. Then check out a sample curriculum map:

  • Normal Park Curriculum Map -- Download a yearlong curriculum map that shows the different thematic units studied in social studies and science throughout the K-8 grade levels.

Partner With Local Arts Organizations

Learn how educators at Glenview Elementary School in Oakland, California use partnerships with local arts organizations to provide much-needed resources, while giving students new creative outlets and developing critical thinking and collaboration skills. 

School Transformation Through Arts Integration

Critical thinking, risk taking, and collaboration -- along with academics and discipline -- are just some of the areas where Bates Middle School reported big improvements after integrating the arts across all subject areas. Here are a few of the resources used at Bates to plan for and reflect upon arts-integrated lessons:

  • Curriculum Map -- Download a graphic organizer to document content standards, opportunities for arts integration, and assessment/reflection.
  • Content Standards -- Download a form to document performance on content standards where arts integration was or was not incorporated into the lesson.
  • Student Reflection -- Download a student reflection template for an arts-integrated lesson.
  • Teacher Reflection -- Download a teacher reflection template for an arts-integrated lesson.

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Concerned Teacher's picture

Can't tell you how much I appreciate this article with organized sites and apps. Thanks for integrating common core and arts and making it applicable.

Brandon Zoras's picture
Brandon Zoras
Science Teacher in Toronto, Canada

What a great set of resources. I am a science teacher but my favourite lesson from when I was in teachers college was when the prof had us think of science lessons that fit with another subject area. She had us make an entire unit on space through the arts. They called it Astrocreativity! I tried the lessons a few years later with my own students and they loved it. I am a big fan of bringing in choice assignments where students can use arts in science!

Dr. Kendra Strange's picture
Dr. Kendra Strange
Achievement Consultant | Curriculum Specialist | School-turn-around & Advanced Academics

Integrating art standards with core curriculum is a great way to boost engagement.
Dr. Kendra Strange-Shaffer

LizWilliams's picture
Organising events and workshops to help make learning fun.

Visual and performing arts are an integral part of a comprehensive curriculum and essential for learning in the 21st century.

LizWilliams's picture
Organising events and workshops to help make learning fun.

With the suggestions of resources here we can certainly move towards integrating learning and fun to include arts and creativity in and outside the classroom.

It was a pleasant suprise to see the profile edits that refer to my recent work on projects collaborating with and had been approved.

The projects are designed to blend academics and art in ways that excite and engage students, build school community, and make learning feel more personalized and fun.

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