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Discover information, examples, and tools related to incorporating aspects of the arts, design, and the humanities into STEM-based school activities.

January 13, 2016
Photo of two boys playing violins

The Benefits of STEAM


Project-Based Learning and STEAM


STEAM-Powered Projects and Programs


  • Featured STEAM Case Studies: Explore case studies of STEAM in practice. (STEM to STEAM/Rhode Island School of Design)
  • Growing From STEM to STEAM: Read about a STEAM experiment in one school district, and find several tips for school districts on how to get started with having the arts and sciences work together in STEAM. (ArtsEdge at the Kennedy Center)
  • Q&A with David Cole: Why We Need the "A" in STEAM: Learn about a STEAM curriculum that combines traditional STEM skills with artistic practices. (Graphite, 2014)


STEAM Activity and Project Ideas


Examples From Schools That Work

Edutopia's flagship series highlights practices and case studies from K-12 schools and districts that are improving the way students learn. Below, dive into a real-world example of STEAM in practice.

STEAM + Project-Based Learning: Real Solutions From Driving Questions

See how educators at Charles R. Drew Charter School in Atlanta, Georgia, integrate PBL and STEAM to empower third grade students to take ownership of their education as they prepare for the next Snowpocalypse.



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