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  • Technology Integration

    5 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom

    Try these strategies for creating and using word clouds to help students better understand a topic and see it from a different angle.
    Monica Burns
  • Collage of SEL book covers

    Exploring Identity During Independent Reading

    Middle school students build literacy skills and explore who they are growing to be in an independent reading unit centered on the theme of identity.
  • High school classroom with teacher and students
    Critical Thinking

    A Question Teachers Should Ask as Often as Possible

    Push students past simple recall into deeper thought and engagement by adding this short follow-up question to your repertoire.
  • Education Buzzwords Defined: What Are Trauma-Informed Practices?
    Trauma-Informed Practices

    Education Buzzwords Defined: What Are Trauma-Informed Practices?

    The phrase “trauma informed” is everywhere, but what does it mean to bring that lens to school settings? Get started with a basic definition.
  • Principal greeting high school students in front of school.
    Administration & Leadership

    How School Leaders Can Navigate Conflicting Demands This Year

    Principals are being pulled in all sorts of directions, but it’s crucial that they prioritize what will do the most good for students.
  • The Research Is In

    How to Design Better Tests, Based on the Research

    A review of a dozen recent studies reveals that to design good tests, teachers need to consider bias, rigor, and mindset.
  • Students study plants outdoors
    Environmental Education

    Exploring Environmental Issues Outside of Science Classes

    Whether students are studying art, math, social studies or English, there’s a way to incorporate environmental concerns.
  • Illustration of collaborative watering of seedlings
    The Research Is In

    The Necessity of Finding More Ways to Praise

    Encouraging students is not enough, says a new study—you actually have to raise your ratio of praise to reprimands dramatically, and that might mean keeping track.
  • High school students enter classroom in the morning
    Student Engagement

    How to Use Microtracking to Promote Student Autonomy

    Guiding students to create lists of learning objectives and what they need to do to meet those goals on time can boost their independence.
  • Teacher speaking with group of parents at school
    Project-Based Learning (PBL)

    Getting Parents Excited About Project-Based Learning

    Teachers can use these handy talking points to move parents from being skeptical about PBL to “why didn’t I get to do this in school?”

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