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  • Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    12 Ways To Help Students Identify Their Emotions

    A toolkit of teacher-tested ideas to help build students’ ability to understand and express their feelings.
    Andrew Boryga
  • Critical Thinking

    3 Ways to Get Students to Write About Math

    Teachers can use simple, effective methods to guide young students to demonstrate their understanding of math concepts.
  • Literacy

    Guiding Students to Overcome the ‘Cringe’ of Reading Aloud

    Many students dislike reading aloud because they lack confidence in their abilities, but it’s never too late to improve fluency.
  • Environmental Education

    Making Climate Change Connections in Every Class

    When students learn about climate change across the curriculum, they see different parts of the problem—and different ways to be part of the solution.
  • Student Engagement

    What are students’ responsibilities as learners? How do you talk to them about it?

    Share your expertise with us, and we may quote you.
  • Administration & Leadership

    4 Steps to Managing Conflict in Schools

    Skillfully embracing conflict can help administrators create a more welcoming and transparent school culture.
  • Family Engagement

    Using Multimedia to Foster Young Students’ Learning at Home

    Early childhood teachers can recommend high-quality media resources to help spark intergenerational learning at home.
  • ChatGPT & Generative AI

    Using AI to Encourage Productive Struggle in Math

    Students ‘don’t need an answer, they need help with the process,’ and combining ChatGPT with Wolfram Alpha is one way to guide them through it.
  • New Teachers

    Time Management Tips for Teachers

    While much of teachers’ time use is predetermined by the bell, these strategies can help you utilize the unstructured time effectively.
  • Administration & Leadership

    How to Increase Transparency in Teacher Evaluations

    When administrators share evaluation instruments early in the year, teachers can work on necessary skills and improve their teaching practice.

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