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STEM to STEAM: Resources Toolkit

Whether you are looking for resources on integrating science, technology, engineering, and math or on infusing the arts to transform STEM into STEAM, these curated compilations will help you plan different approaches to integrated studies.
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Photo of students working on robotSTEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Explore ways to use STEM lessons and approaches to help students practice cross-disciplinary thinking and build skills in science, technology, engineering, and math. (30+ Resources)


Photo of two boys playing violinsSTEAM: STEM + Arts, Design, Humanities

Discover information, examples, and tools related to incorporating aspects of the arts, design, and the humanities into STEM-based school activities. (15+ Resources)


Photo of girl doing woodworkingMaker Education

Find resources and tools to help bring elements of maker culture into schools and classrooms, and encourage students to explore STEAM subjects within the context of maker projects. (30+ Resources)

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SamanthaW's picture

I will be teaching Kindergarten this summer school using the STEAM design. I am also a beginning teacher. This article and videos helped me understand more about what STEAM is all about. Are there any suggestions or advice anyone can give me?

Scott Bedley @scotteach's picture
Scott Bedley @scotteach
Teacher, Creator, Un-Maker, Foodie, Global School Play Day

Hey Samantha, I thinking starting simple and using something like Caine's Arcade may be the way to go. Having volunteers there to support the kids but coaching them not to overstep and do things for the kids would be important. When long term planning start by looking at integration to content and limit yourself in the first year to doing one every other month or one a month. It's easy to over-commit yourself and have projects that become challenging to finish without too much adult intervention and work. I love the quote my dad always told me... "If we do something for children that they can do for themselves, we steal an opportunity from them to build responsibility, creativity and confidence." You are going to love going full STEAM ahead!

John's picture
Geologic Engineer

The arts have had their schools like Juilliard. STEM develops much needed engineers.]

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