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  • A Math Word Problem Framework That Fosters Conceptual Thinking

    This strategy for selecting and teaching word problems guides students to develop their understanding of math concepts.
    Tara Koehler, John Sammon
  • How to Turn Your Math Classroom Into a ‘Thinking Classroom’

    The researcher Peter Liljedahl evangelizes for practices that prioritize and stimulate more hard thinking in classrooms.
  • Using Stories Beyond Word Problems to Teach Math

    Stories can help students recall key math concepts and make the subject more relevant to them.
  • 5 Ways to Stop Thinking for Your Students

    Too often math students lean on teachers to think for them, but there are some simple ways to guide them to think for themselves.
  • Using Stories to Support Mathematical Thinking in Young Students

    Children’s books often contain valuable lessons that can help young students begin to think like mathematicians.
  • Using Test Corrections as a Learning Tool

    Assigning corrections as classwork and then retesting students allows a teacher to accurately assess if they have mastered the material.
  • Creating an Environment Where All Students See That They Can Be Good at Math

    When teachers guide students to look beyond narrow metrics of success in math, more students will see their potential for learning.
  • Build Strong Math Vocabulary Skills Using These Simple Strategies

    Learning new vocabulary is a fundamental part of understanding math concepts. Use these strategies to build both fluency and engagement.
  • An illustration of the inside of a mind while writing

    Why Students Should Write in All Subjects

    Writing improves learning by consolidating information in long-term memory, researchers explain. Plus, five engaging writing activities to use in all subjects.
  • Reinforcing Elementary Math Lessons With Movement

    Combining simple exercises with math instruction can help ensure that elementary school students remember these lessons.
  • Effective Uses of Tables for Teaching Algebra

    Using tables can help bring challenging abstract algebraic concepts into better focus for high school students.
  • 6 Tips for Teaching Math Problem-Solving Skills

    Solving word problems is tougher than computing with numbers, but elementary teachers can guide students to do the deep thinking involved.
  • An Alternative to Warm-Up Problems

    Starting math class with a warm-up problem is common. Here’s how one teacher starts with a little chat instead, before moving on to the math.
  • Are We Teaching the Math Kids Need?

    Every child possesses vast mathematics potential, says Jo Boaler, Stanford University mathematics professor and best-selling author—but for them to access it, we need to rethink how we teach math.
  • 11 Teacher-Recommended Math Apps and Online Tools

    Whether you teach online or in person this fall, these digital math tools may come in handy for grades pre-K through 12.

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