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Critical Thinking

Love Lessons

Valentine’s Day is a great time to get students thinking critically about a complex human emotion.
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The Research Is In

Mindfulness Is All the Rage—But Does It Work?

The research shows that mindfulness reduces student stress and even improves academic outcomes.
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Teaching Your Students to Read Like Pros

Seven strategies for helping readers become skilled comprehenders.
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Four middle-school aged students sit in a row, writing and facing the board.
Lesson Plans

Jump-Start Critical Thinking With an Aphorism

Using the figurative language in adages as a warm-up exercise to get your students thinking—in any class.
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Game-Based Learning

What’s a Gamer Brain and How Can We Harness It in Class?

Leverage your students’ favorite video and board games to unlock what engages them.
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A group of elementary school aged children sit at a table talking with an adult and looking at a tablet screen together.
Curriculum Planning

Heroes on a Learning Adventure

Think of your curriculum as a story. Assignments and activities are elements in the narrative, and your students are the protagonists.
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Two elementary school boys sit together, writing and laughing.
Social and Emotional Learning

Building a Positive Mindset One Word at a Time

Students can craft uplifting poems and narratives using a list of inspiring words you provide.
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Coding in the Classroom

Q&A: The Art of Coding

Two educators on how to make learning computer science less daunting and more fun for students—and their teachers.
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Maker Education

Teaching Middle Schoolers to Patent Their Creations

See what the students in one maker ed program learned by working through the patent process.
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Media Literacy

Teaching Why Facts Still Matter

When it seems as though politicians and others can’t agree on basic facts, it’s more important than ever to encourage our students to seek truth.
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