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School Libraries

The Power of a School Library Hashtag

A hashtag can help you create a community within and around your school library, as well as help you widen your reach beyond the school.
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Family Engagement

Family Engagement: Resource Roundup

Explore tips, strategies, and resources to help improve the connection from home to school and expand parent involvement.
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Formative Assessment

Putting the FORM in Formative Assessment

Formative assessment works best when students understand what their learning looks like. Here are some guidelines for making it fun, organic, relevant, and meaningful.
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Parent Partnership

An Appeal to My Child’s Kindergarten Teacher

Educators face challenges, funding issues, and problems beyond their control. But for each student and family, it’s all about the relationship they will have with their child's teacher.
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Game-Based Learning

Action Video Gameplay: Benefits and Dangers

While evidence suggests that action video games enhance higher-order brain functions, the violence built into most commercial titles is far from beneficial.
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Family Engagement

5 Resources for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Browse a curated list of resources for improving parent-teacher conferences, including ideas for highlighting student progress, ways to encourage students to take the lead, and questions every parent should ask.
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Student Voice

Socratic Seminars: Building a Culture of Student-Led Discussion

Creating and implementing effective Socratic seminars is a multistep process that includes building a classroom community, instilling communication skills, and devising meaningful, reflective assessment protocols.
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Teacher Leadership

Banned Books Week: Slaying Censorship

The American Library Association's Banned Books Week is a time schools can pay special homage to those books censored throughout history.
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Social and Emotional Learning

SEL Now: Moving From Heaviness to Hope

Responding to violence and despair, Atlanta's superintendent advocates a national program of social-emotional learning that would teach students to embrace empathy, communication, and respect.
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Classroom Technology

The Best App for Your Coursework Isn't a Single App

Which app is best for coursework depends on the tasks students will perform and the skills you want them to develop.
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