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DIY Professional Development: Resource Roundup

Why wait for formal environments, when there are so many opportunities to learn new skills on your own? We've compiled a list of the best resources for do-it-yourself PD to get you started.

December 13, 2012 Updated April 24, 2015

All About Twitter

The Un-Conference Model

Tech Tools on Your Own Time

Building a Professional Learning Network (PLN)

  • The Connected Educator: All About Connectedness, by Tom Whitby (2014)

    Six educators share the insights, changes, and rewards observed and felt during their journey from unconnectedness to connectedness. Another great Whitby blog post, How Do I Get a PLN?, offers some basic, practical wisdom about what a PLN is and how to get one.

  • Adding a Spring to Your Step: 4 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues, by Nicholas Provenzano (2014)

    Provenzano makes four suggestions for ramping up after the low energy of winter, including more teacher interaction in the building and online.

  • Resources from Connected Educator Month, by Ashley Cronin (2013)

    Seek out opportunities for informal professional development and building your PLN in this curated guide to websites, events, and other resources from Connected Educator Month.

  • 21st-Century PLNs for School Leaders, by George Couros (2012)

    School district administrator Couros encourages social media newbies to expand their PLNs for their own professional development, as well as for the benefit of their students.

  • Resources for Growing Your Professional Learning Network, by Edutopia Staff (2011)

    This excerpt from our Summer Rejuvenation Guide will help you get ideas and tips for creating connections and developing a network.

  • Edutopia's Community

    Visit Edutopia’s community to connect and exchange ideas, resources, and information to further your own learning. Also, for a list of upcoming professional-development opportunities, see Edutopia's events page, updated weekly: "Educational Webinars, Unconferences, and Conferences."


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