English Language Learners

Resources for Teaching English-Language Learners

From literacy instruction to arts and technology integration, explore strategies for engaging English-language learners.

December 5, 2016

General Tips and Strategies

Boosting Student Engagement

Language and Literacy Instruction

  • Common Core Writing and ELLs: Learn about what it means to apply three key elements of the CCSS writing standards—argument, informative/explanatory, and narrative—when teaching English-language learners. (Edutopia, 2016)
  • Collaborative Writing, Common Core, and ELLs: Get students to work collaboratively on narratives developing experiences, events, or characters. (Edutopia, 2016)
  • Peer Review, Common Core, and ELLs: Use simple peer review activities that are kind, specific, and helpful to assist students in improving their writing and learning about writing. (Edutopia, 2016)
  • Teaching Syllables Can Mask Meaningful Morphemes: Help beginning readers grasp the difference between written and spoken language by starting with the meaning of the words rather than their syllabic breakdown. (Edutopia, 2015)
  • English-Language Learners and Academic Language: Learn about academic language proficiency, and find some activities that can help teach academic language. (Edutopia, 2014)
  • 8 Strategies for Teaching Academic Language: Understand how academic language differs from social language, and discover eight specific strategies for teaching the vocabulary that students require to succeed in the Common Core and on the SAT. (Edutopia, 2014)

Learning English Through the Arts

  • The After-School Shakespeare Club: Learn how upper elementary English-language learners created a triumphant reimagining of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. (Edutopia, 2016)
  • Makerspaces and Equal Access to Learning: Find out how makerspaces can democratize learning, create a culture of participation, allow for teaching with visual cues, offer thematic planning opportunities, and facilitate differentiated instruction. (Edutopia, 2016)
  • Literacy Through Photography for English-Language Learners: Engage ELLs with creating, identifying, and narrating through photographs. Help them learn a language by challenging their thinking in other media. (Edutopia, 2015)
  • The Power of Poetry in Primary Classrooms: Use poetry as an effective tool for broadening elementary students' reading choices, strengthening sentence-level skills, teaching ELLs about English, and reinforcing learning across many subjects. (Edutopia, 2015)

Using Technology With ELLs

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