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  • English Language Learners

    How Peer Teaching Assistants Can Support Multilingual Learners

    Consistent interaction with fellow students who know what it’s like to learn a new language can offer multilingual learners essential support.
    Jonathan Zabala
  • Critical Thinking

    Notice and Wonder in Kindergarten Math

    Activities that allow young students to engage visually instead of through text maximize productive struggle and improve critical thinking.
  • Student Engagement

    4 End-of-Year Learning Strategies to Maintain Engagement

    Having students rotate through learning stations or engage in design thinking can keep them motivated as the year winds down.
  • Trauma-Informed Practices

    Building Confidence and Resilience Through the Arts

    By bringing in arts education, this school found a creative way to help heal trauma and encourage a more supportive learning environment.
  • Financial Literacy

    Teaching High School Students How to Budget

    Giving older students a plan for saving, spending, and sharing their money can help them make wise financial decisions in the future.
  • Education Trends

    Using ChatGPT in Math Lesson Planning

    Artificial intelligence tools are useful beyond language arts classes. Math teachers can use them to save time and create interesting lessons.
  • Literacy

    Using Fairy Tales to Inspire Wonder in Kindergarten

    The enchanting nature of fairy tales can foster collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity in young learners.
  • Critical Thinking

    Guiding Students to Ask Questions and Define Problems in Science

    Teachers can use these strategies to help students in grades 6 to 12 develop skills that are crucial to scientific study and exploration.
  • Assessment

    Using Skills to Grade Proficiency in Science

    Proficiency scales provide an excellent way to evaluate students on their scientific knowledge and skills.
  • Student Wellness

    How to Help Students Resist Their Phones and Develop Better Digital Habits

    Excessive phone use can lead to depression and poor school performance, but building academic confidence can forge healthier habits.

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