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  • Mental Health

    4 Ways to Help Students Get Better Sleep

    When tweens and teens learn how to use self-regulation strategies, much-needed sleep can come more easily.
    Lauren Brukner
  • Diversity

    How Educators Can Better Support LGBTQ Teachers of Color

    Queer teachers from marginalized racial and ethnic groups face unique challenges, but backing from colleagues can help a lot.
  • Literacy

    High-Quality Video Games Can Rival Good Books

    Narrative video games are often overlooked in ELA instruction, but many are rich, sophisticated, and deeply engaging.
  • Friendly Fridays Teach the Art of Kindness
    Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    Friendly Fridays Teach the Art of Kindness

    During weekly creative time, students get to know each other—and learn the value of making others smile.
  • Teacher Wellness

    How to Fight Burnout

    A look at common contributors to burnout—and more importantly, the positive strategies teachers can use to fend it off.
  • Administration & Leadership

    Using Conflict as an ‘Avenue for Change’

    When conflicts arise, administrators may be tempted to sweep them under the rug—but that’s a missed opportunity for improvement.
  • Diversity

    How Students Can Meet Their Peers All Over the World

    Global exchanges let students from anywhere in the world meet online and experience different cultures.
  • Student works with play money
    Culturally Responsive Teaching

    Creating a Culturally Responsive Math Curriculum for the Elementary Grades

    Seeking a curriculum to both engage and meet the needs of their students, math educators in St. Paul, Minnesota, built their own.
  • Technology Integration

    How to Select Effective Digital Math Tools

    It’s worth investing time in testing online tools—and evaluating how much they will enhance instruction—before committing to them.
  • Technology Integration

    Leveraging Technology to Support Students’ Needs

    Teachers can apply a concept called ‘tech equity’ to ensure that the technology they use is enhancing learning for all of their students.

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