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  • New Teachers

    No One Starts Out Awesome: Advice for New Teachers

    There is no single strategy for success. But positivity, flexibility, a desire to keep improving, and empathy will help along the way.
    Jason DeHart
  • Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

    Rekindling a Sense of Connection in the New School Year

    Activities middle and high school English teachers can use to emphasize community and collaboration as the school year begins.
  • Student Engagement

    Incorporating Choice Boards in World Language Classes

    Having a say in their assignments leads students to take ownership of their work, and choice boards are a simple way to give them some control.
  • Educational Buzzwords Defined: What is Differentiation?
    Differentiated Instruction

    Educational Buzzwords Defined: What Is Differentiation?

    Go beyond the jargon for a quick look at a few of the many ways to differentiate instruction in the classroom.
  • Technology Integration

    How to Zero In on the Right Technology Tools

    Data privacy and students’ previous experience with particular tools can help teachers determine the best fit.
  • Student Engagement

    Planning for Student Engagement

    Keeping middle school students actively learning in remote classes was tough. Some of the strategies teachers used will work well in the classroom.
  • Professional Learning

    3 Strategies for Productive Teacher Mentoring

    Experienced teachers and those new to the profession benefit from collaboration and learning that goes in both directions.
  • Communication Skills

    3 Essential Tools to Foster Students’ Oracy Skills in the Early Grades

    Teachers can help young learners develop their oral language skills with a few simple efforts prioritize to speaking and listening in class.
  • STEM

    Screen-Free Computational Thinking

    When elementary students learn logic through collaborative physical activities, there’s no need for laptops or tablets.
  • Classroom Management

    Designing a Survey to Better Connect With Students

    Surveys that include a mix of fun questions and more serious ones about things like identity can bring middle and high school teachers and students closer.

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