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Discover how students' input and expertise can help shape their classroom, their school, and ultimately their own learning and growth.

  • Elementary aged girl reading book in school library

    A School-Wide Focus on Choice Reading

    When the staff at an elementary school made fostering a love of reading a priority, they used these strategies to meet their goal.
    Emily Lech
  • Three high school students work together in their school library

    Teaching Students How—and When—to Change Their Minds

    Learning involves accepting uncertainty and evolving your thinking. Here’s how teachers can help students cultivate those skills.
  • Student engages in distance learning lesson with her laptop at home

    Teaching Students to Self-Advocate During Distance Learning

    Teachers are finding ways to gauge students’ understanding of lessons this year, and guiding them to ask for help is a crucial piece of the puzzle.
  • Making Advisory Work During Distance Learning

    Making Advisory Work During Distance Learning

    Helping students thrive while classes are remote begins with connecting via daily crew meetings at this school.
  • An illustration concept of children interacting with technology

    Reading the Virtual Classroom Is Hard, but It Can Be Done

    Many teachers find it difficult to gauge how well students understand a lesson in an online classroom. A technique common among award-winning online instructors should help.
  • Teacher working with high school student

    Good Teaching Is Not Just About the Right Practices

    In a series of interviews with master teachers, a reporter finds that certain intangible qualities matter more than the best tactics.
  • Preschool students walking in pairs on a sidewalk with their teachers

    Making Space for Student Choice in Preschool

    Sometimes teachers need to require kids to do certain things, and it’s easier to get their buy-in if they know their voices are heard too.
  • A young child plays telephone with a teacher

    How to Talk to Children

    New teachers may feel prepared for literacy and math lessons, but be uncertain about how to just talk with someone under the age of 10. These tips should help.
  • Primary teacher and pupil interacting in live video lesson. Woman tutor with headset and laptop working remotely from home online teaching child student in video conference.

    5 Research-Backed Tips to Improve Your Online Teaching Presence

    As the physical distance increases between you and your students, so can the psychological and emotional space. Here are some tips that can help.
  • Middle school-aged girl working at home during distance learning

    How to Help Middle School Students Develop Crucial Skills This Year

    Most middle schoolers have not mastered the self-regulation skills they need for distance learning, but these simple strategies can help.
  • High school student raises his hand in science class

    3 Ways to Get Teens Thinking Metacognitively

    Your classroom can provide a safe harbor for teens during a year of upheaval—use this opportunity to impart metacognitive skills they’ll use throughout their lives.
  • Elementary aged girl waves at zoom class

    6 Ways Teachers Continue to Promote Student Voice This Year

    In distance and hybrid learning, elementary teachers are finding it more important than ever to build lessons centered on students’ active involvement.
  • photo of young students sitting at desks in a classroom

    6 Opening and Closing Routines for New Teachers

    Check for understanding, manage your students, and build classroom community with these six opening and closing classroom routines.
  • Morning Meetings: Building Community in the Classroom

    Starting the day with this 15-minute activity helps students regulate their emotions and focus on the day’s learning.
  • 60-Second Strategy: Participation Cards

    60-Second Strategy: Participation Cards

    A quick formative assessment tool also encourages all students—even shy ones—to participate in discussions.

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