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Miriam Plotinsky

Learning and Achievement Specialist

Miriam Plotinsky is a learning and achievement specialist with Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland, where she has worked for nearly 20 years as an English teacher, staff developer, and department chair. She is a National Board–certified teacher, and recently earned her certification in education administration and supervision.

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  • Online Learning

    Digital Instruction During the Pandemic

    Teaching virtually comes with its own set of challenges—especially during a pandemic. Use these strategies to focus on specific goals, embrace uncertainty, and keep communication open.
  • Professional Development

    How to Create Meaningful PD

    A clear framework helps educators transfer professional development opportunities to actionable classroom strategies.
  • Technology Integration

    Reducing Dependence on Slides

    Focusing less on the slides and more on student discussion fosters deeper engagement.
  • School Leadership

    The Benefits of Teaching for Administrators

    Teaching a class gives administrators an opportunity to develop deeper empathy and better understanding of classroom challenges.
  • Student Voice

    Creating a Classroom Culture of Shared Ownership

    Getting buy-in from students at the outset encourages them to engage more deeply in their learning.

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