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John McCarthy

Education Consultant, Advocate for Student Voice in Learning

I am a constant learner and teacher in my education consulting work with schools in the U.S. and abroad. Starting as a teacher in Chicago, my life’s mission is to deeply understand and advocate for student voice in their learning career. I’ve taught in three states from urban to rural settings, and from deep poverty to an area of high affluence. As a consultant I work with schools on systemic implementation of differentiated instruction, project-based learning, eliminating assessment and grade fog, and culture building—all with a focus on student voice. I teach blended grad courses at Madonna University, which keeps me actively honing my instructional practices. Find many more resources on my website.

I love to learn from the educators who I assist. My coaching style focuses on helping educators and students find understandings and solutions within themselves because my telling won’t stick, but their discovering lasts forever. A former English and social studies teacher, I hone my craft through my blog and as the managing editor of Deadwood Writers Voices, a blog that explores writing by a great team of writers who are part of the Deadwood Writers Group in Southeast Michigan.

Most importantly, I am a gamer to my kids, their advocate for learning, and a cheerleader at their events—and my wife’s 26.2 mile events.

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