Maker Education

How are educators harnessing the energy of the maker movement to inspire student exploration across multiple subjects? Discover resources and share advice.

  • Design Thinking

    Designed for Engagement

    A school district uses monthly missions in its design studios to increase student and teacher engagement and foster self-directed learning.
  • Integrated Studies

    Using Science to Bring Literature to Life

    Combining science and literature can help students engage more deeply with both subjects.
  • Maker Education

    Acknowledging Ungraded Skills

    An argument for using badges in makerspaces to recognize the skills students gain outside the traditional curriculum.
  • Maker Education

    A Makerspace Built by Elementary Students

    Third graders designed a makerspace for their school. Then they got their budget approved and built it.
  • Learning Environments

    Photos: Classrooms That Really Move

    These traveling art studios, science labs, and greenhouses are reducing barriers to access by meeting students where they are.
  • Maker Education

    Makers Of The World: Engaging Kids Through Building and Design

    Emily Pilloton, Founder of Studio H, a design/build class at REALM Charter School and Girls Garage both in Berkeley, California, describes how she “knew there were things about architecture and design that could have a deep impact in the classroom.”
  • Maker Education

    David: The Power of Design

    David Wilson, a 12th grader at REALM Charter School in Berkeley, California, describes how his experience designing and building in maker education program Studio H gave him a voice when he needed one most.
  • Maker Education

    Changing Who Gets to Make the World

    Two videos provide a glimpse into the learning and personal growth opportunities of designing and building.
  • Creativity

    The Original Makerspace

    Hands-on learning and 3D printers are great, but let’s not forget that students have always created original products—in the writing classroom.
  • Maker Education

    A Content-Rich Maker Project

    Students crafting cardboard suits of armor work on literacy, math, and collaboration skills.