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ChatGPT & Generative AI

See how educators are using ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence tools to streamline curriculum planning and assessment, and how they are guiding students to use these powerful AI tools with caution.

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  • Guiding Students to Assess the Merits of Artificial Intelligence Tools

    Students can tap into their critical thinking skills by examining artificial intelligence outputs to see if they meet learning standards.
    Sunaina Sharma
  • Using AI to Encourage Productive Struggle in Math

    Students ‘don’t need an answer, they need help with the process,’ and combining ChatGPT with Wolfram Alpha is one way to guide them through it.
  • Using ChatGPT in Math Lesson Planning

    Artificial intelligence tools are useful beyond language arts classes. Math teachers can use them to save time and create interesting lessons.
  • Some Ideas for Using ChatGPT in Middle and High School Classes

    Teachers can use tools like ChatGPT as one strategy in their efforts to teach students how to think critically and write effectively.
  • 5 Ways to Use AI Tools to Meet Students’ Needs

    Teachers can use AI tools to help generate ideas and learning materials to address their students’ diverse needs.
  • Teaching Students How to Identify Credible Sources

    Teachers can guide students toward a clear understanding of the factors that make a particular source of information reliable or not.
  • An Innovative Way for High School Students to Take Control of Their Own Learning

    Giving students a chance to build a project based on a rubric they created can increase engagement and investment.
  • Making New Tech Tools Work for Your Classroom

    New technology has a strong presence in today’s educational model, and teachers can use related tools to encourage student voice and enhance learning.
  • How to Keep Students Writing in the Age of AI Tools

    Despite the proliferation of AI writing tools, teachers can work to create an environment where students are invested in their growth as writers.
  • How Generative AI Can Support Research-Based Math Instruction

    Teachers can use artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT to generate rich math tasks and differentiate instruction.
  • Using AI to Help Organize Lesson Plans

    Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT can help educators find activities that are set up to teach designated skills.
  • 6 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Save Time

    Teachers can use the artificial intelligence tool to effectively automate some routine tasks.
  • Grappling With AI Writing Technologies in the Classroom

    ChatGPT and other AI tools complicate how teachers think about student writing and how they teach academic integrity.

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