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Nicholas Provenzano

High School English Teacher/The Nerdy Teacher

My name is Nicholas Provenzano and I'm a high school English teacher and edublogger. I write for Edutopia and my own site

I'm passionate about moving to a paperless environment and integrating technology into the classroom. I love working with my PLN and coming up with exciting new projects.

If you want to connect, feel free to send me an email or drop me a tweet.

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  • Maker Education

    Acknowledging Ungraded Skills

    An argument for using badges in makerspaces to recognize the skills students gain outside the traditional curriculum.
  • Teacher Wellness

    2016 Teacher Gift Guide

    Looking for a gift for an amazing teacher? We’ve got you covered.
  • Family Engagement

    Tech-Enhanced Parent Engagement

    Whether it's email, messaging apps, an active website, or virtual office hours, technology helps you keep parents in the loop about what's happening in their child's classroom.
  • Teacher Wellness

    Stop, Drop, and Roll With It: Teacher Burnout Prevention

    Prevent teacher burnout by sustaining yourself with a non-education hobby, finding a teammate for shared venting, regular journaling or blogging, and finding reasons to laugh.
  • Student Engagement

    4 Practices for Increasing Student Engagement

    Spend the first five minutes of each class focusing on your students as people. Then keep them engaged through the agency of makerspaces, PBL, or Genius Hour/20 Time.
  • Edcamps

    5 Reasons Why Edcamps Matter

    Edcamps provide informal, personalized, and powerful PD because they're educator driven, they build networks, inspire passion, and foster conversations -- and they're low stress.
  • Student Engagement

    Re-Energize Your Classroom in the New Year

    Inviting student agency in the New Year encourages buy-in during the long winter months. Student ownership inspires new ways of engagement and more meaningful lessons.
  • School Climate

    The 2015 Nerdy Teacher Holiday Gift Guide

    For the nerdy teacher who has everything -- except maybe a Bluetooth beanie hat, a fisheye phone lens, or the to-die-for fragrances of zombie-repellant soap.
  • Family Engagement

    5 Parent-Teacher Conference Prep Tips

    When prepping for parent conferences, communicate with them early and often, keep data handy, balance the conversation, invite the student, and make the experience pleasant.
  • Learning Environments

    Ditching the Desk

    Remove the teacher's desk and students feel more comfortable and less intimidated, teachers feel more active and engaged, and classroom learning happens in a shared space.