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Arts Integration

Bringing the arts into core curricula raises student achievement and improves student engagement. Discover and share strategies for integrating the arts throughout core subject areas.

  • Teenage girl acts out a play scene during a virtual class

    Tapping Professional Actors to Teach Shakespeare Online

    When a teacher brought in actors to perform in her virtual ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ units, students were thrilled. Local actors—or your school’s theater program—could do the same for you.
    Emily Donahoe
  • Woman gesturing while working at her laptop at home

    Strategies From the Dramatic Arts Can Enhance Student Engagement

    When students explore content using dramatic scripts, they can make gains in reading fluency and comprehension, while having fun.
  • Letting Young People Lead With Their Identity

    Letting Young People Lead With Their Identity

    By providing students with opportunities to let their identities shine, educators get to know them well, says youth advocate Karen Pittman—and that is one of the first steps in culturally responsive teaching.
  • New Studies Link the Arts to Crucial Cognitive Skills

    What happens to our brains ‘on art’? New studies—often backed by brain imaging technology—are beginning to dial in on the answers.
  • Illustration of children painting a mural

    Transforming a School Through Arts Integration

    Structuring a school around the arts can help students excel academically and develop social and emotional skills.
  • Celebrating Cultural Identity Through the Arts

    Celebrating Cultural Identity Through the Arts

    When afterschool program Ballet Folklorico teaches kids traditional Mexican dance, they build not only social and emotional skills, but also community.
  • Art as Text: Bridging Literacy and the Arts

    Art as Text: Bridging Literacy and the Arts

    Young students can apply language skills to learn to 'read art,' including their own work.
  • An illustration of a team conducting research concept

    2019 Education Research Highlights

    Does doodling boost learning? Do attendance awards work? Do boys and girls process math the same way? Here’s a look at the big questions that researchers tackled this year.
  • Rock On! How I Taught Focus to a Class That Wouldn’t Sit Still

    How an art project on making rock sculptures helped a class of first graders settle down and find their focus.
  • High school students are sitting in red chairs in a theatre. A teenage boy, two rows back from the front, is in focus; everyone else is slightly blurry.

    4 Reasons to Start Class With a Poem Each Day

    Make a daily habit of starting every ELA class with a poem—they’re short and intense, connect to other reading, and inspire student writing.
  • An over the shoulder view of a student drawing comics

    Creating Comics in the Classroom

    Students who learn how to make comics—even simple ones—become stronger storytellers and gain confidence in their ability to be creative.
  • Boy reading script for a play

    Teaching Drama in Distance Learning

    Tips and strategies to help literature and drama teachers adapt theatrical pedagogy for the Zoom stage.
  • Children putting on a puppet show at home

    5 Home Learning Experiences for the Elementary Grades 

    Activities that incorporate speaking and listening, reading and writing, math, music, science, art, and drama—and are parent-friendly.
  • Young girl using a vintage camera to take photos

    A Photography Project That Develops Interpersonal Skills

    Photography can help students work on communication, empathy, and teamwork—and see their communities through a new lens.
  • People view Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

    How to Use Art to Teach History

    A piece of art can provide a window into a historical time period for students.

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