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Explore and share tips, strategies, and resources for helping students develop in mathematics.

  • Creative Ways to Assess Math Understanding

    Traditional math assessments tend to provide a narrow gauge of student learning—here’s how some teachers are going deeper.
    Emelina Minero
  • Elementary aged boy on laptop distance learning at home

    Creating an Inviting Virtual Math Classroom

    Focusing on connections—both conceptual and interpersonal—helps teachers work well together to create engaging math work for students.
  • Teenager participating in a virtual meeting on her laptop

    A Model for Setting Up Group Work in High School Math

    Collaboration is beneficial for student learning, and a strategy designed for distance learning makes it manageable and engaging.
  • An illustration of the inside of a mind while writing

    Why Students Should Write in All Subjects

    Writing improves learning by consolidating information in long-term memory, researchers explain. Plus, five engaging writing activities to use in all subjects.
  • Middle grade aged boy doing a math problem on a chalkboard in school classroom

    3 Phrases That Can Demotivate Students in Math Class

    Seemingly innocuous statements can exacerbate math anxiety among learners—and avoiding these phrases can help all students see themselves as “math people.”
  • Elementary aged girl uses abacus at school

    How to Guide Students to a Deep Understanding of Math Concepts

    Using the right building blocks at the start of students’ mathematical learning can support a lifetime of abstract thinking.
  • Middle school aged girl at computer distance learning

    Adapting an Effective Math Collaboration Activity for Distance Learning

    An instructional coach and math teacher who developed a powerful model for student collaboration have tweaked it for the pandemic.
  • Illustration of technology apps

    11 Teacher-Recommended Math Apps and Online Tools

    Whether you teach online or in person this fall, these digital math tools may come in handy for grades pre-K through 12.
  • Teenage girl doing math homework on a laptop

    Using Google Slides to Make Virtual Math Classes More Engaging

    The popular tool helps teachers assess students’ thought processes and provides opportunities for students to work together to solve problems.
  • 60-Second Strategy: 3-Read Protocol

    60-Second Strategy: 3-Read Protocol

    Demystify math word problems with this simple technique that helps kids see the story beyond the numbers.
  • Teenage girl doing math problems on chalkboard

    Avoiding Common Mistakes in Motivating Students to Do Math

    In this excerpt from ‘The Math Teacher’s Toolbox,’ the authors, veteran high school math teachers, share research on motivation.
  • Boy looking through binoculars outside.

    How to Make Remote or Hybrid Math and Science Instruction Engaging

    Take advantage of online resources and simple experiments students can do at home to keep them learning in all teaching scenarios.
  • An illustration of a team conducting research concept

    2019 Education Research Highlights

    Does doodling boost learning? Do attendance awards work? Do boys and girls process math the same way? Here’s a look at the big questions that researchers tackled this year.
  • A blue-tinged photo of students talking, with math problems and formulas handwritten over them in white.

    9 Strategies for Motivating Students in Mathematics

    Keep your high school math students engaged with these techniques.
  • Boy completing math lesson via video chat during distance learning

    How to Use the 5Es in Remote Math Instruction

    A five-stage instructional model—engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate—can guide students to a deeper understanding of math.

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