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  • High school student solves a math problem for classmates on a whiteboard

    Teaching Students How to Study Math

    The most effective way to study math is not intuitive for a lot of students, so providing explicit instruction on this skill is essential.
    Joseph Manfre
  • How to Ease Math Anxiety in the Classroom

    How to Ease Math Anxiety in the Classroom

    To encourage kids to reach their fullest potential in math, consider adopting these four mindsets that help every student to thrive.
  • Elementary school teacher works with student on math problem on chalk board in classroom

    There’s More to Math Feedback Than ‘Correct’ and ‘Incorrect’

    Teachers can help students master grade-level content by giving feedback that supports independent learning and progress.
  • An illustration of the inside of a mind while writing

    Why Students Should Write in All Subjects

    Writing improves learning by consolidating information in long-term memory, researchers explain. Plus, five engaging writing activities to use in all subjects.
  • How a Simple Presentation Framework Helps Students Learn

    Explaining concepts to their peers helps students shore up their content knowledge and improve their communication skills.
  • Cultivating Number Sense Among Middle and High School Students

    The ability to make an educated guess is an important skill that develops with practice.
  • A photo collage featuring Jo Boaler: Are We Teaching the Math Kids Need?

    Are We Teaching the Math Kids Need?

    Every child possesses vast mathematics potential, says Jo Boaler, Stanford University mathematics professor and best-selling author—but for them to access it, we need to rethink how we teach math.
  • 2 Ways to Encourage Reflection on Math Concepts

    Open-ended questions guide students to participate and to think mathematically, which cements their learning.
  • High school teacher hands back graded papers

    Can We Stop Calling Them Careless Mistakes?

    There are a variety of sources of student errors in math, and labeling them ‘careless’ might mean missing a chance to help students learn.
  • Middle grade aged boy doing a math problem on a chalkboard in school classroom

    3 Phrases That Can Demotivate Students in Math Class

    Seemingly innocuous statements can exacerbate math anxiety among learners—and avoiding these phrases can help all students see themselves as “math people.”
  • Teachers meeting in a classroom

    Collaborating on Equitable Teaching Practices in Math

    Math coaches can help teachers identify how their perceptions and teaching methods influence student success.
  • Author's comic strip math problem

    How to Turn Math Word Problems Into Engaging Comics

    Elementary students may struggle with the wording of problems, and the visual supports of comics can help them focus on the math.
  • Eggs in carton

    How to Spark Engagement in Math With Pictures

    A popular strategy, using pictures in math class gives students another way to access math concepts and can spark great conversations.
  • Illustration of technology apps

    11 Teacher-Recommended Math Apps and Online Tools

    Whether you teach online or in person this fall, these digital math tools may come in handy for grades pre-K through 12.
  • Illustration concept for bullseye estimation

    Strategies for Teaching Students to Estimate

    When students practice rounding numbers and estimating answers to problems, these ideas can guide them to get more precise over time.

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