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Social Media in Education: Resource Toolkit

This collection of blogs, articles, and videos aims to help educators deploy social-media tools to develop professionally, connect with parents and communities, and engage students in 21st-century learning.
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Creating Social Media Guidelines

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Student Engagement With Social Media

  • Blogging in the 21st-Century Classroom, by Michelle Lampinen (2013)

    English teacher Lampinen shows how weekly blogging assignments can transform a high school classroom into a community of enthusiastic writers.

  • How to Co-opt Students’ Favorite Social-Media Tools, by Todd Finley (2011)

    Finley defines social media as the new frontier, and he notes that adolescents are the early frontierspersons. Included in this blog are ten tips for adding social-media tools into the classroom.

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Selecting Social-Media Tools

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Home, School, and Community Connections

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Social Media for Professional Development

Taking Charge: 5 Key Strategies for DIY PD, by Michelle Manno (2015)

Educators create their own professional-development opportunities with the many resources available via social media, bringing their admins on board with this new model. You may also want to check out the following related articles and posts:

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Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

  • What Your Students Really Need to Know About Digital Citizenship, by Vicki Davis (2014)

    Teach your students about the "9 Key Ps" of digital citizenship as you help them acquire both proactive and experiential knowledge of the online world.

  • What Bullying Looks Like in the Digital Age and How to Prevent It, by Amy Williams (2014)

    As cyberbullying increases, our best options are recognizing patterns, keeping evidence, intervening when appropriate, reporting any incidents, and educating everyone -- bullies included.

  • Striking a Balance: Digital Tools and Distraction in School, by Mary Beth Hertz (2014)

    Hertz considers the problem of digital distraction in school, the dividing line between mobile devices helping and harming student performance, and the good-sense policy of teaching self-management skills.

  • Student Fights Bullying With Positivity, by Kevin Curwick (Updated 2013)

    Curwick, who was a high school senior when this post was written, describes how he decided to fight high school cyberbullying with a positive-themed Twitter account and ended up launching a global niceness trend.

  • Rethinking COPPA in the Age of Social Media, by Audrey Watters (2011)

    The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act was put in place in 1998; Watters suggests that it could be time for a review.

  • Digital Citizenship: Resource Roundup (2014)

    Check out Edutopia's big list of articles, videos, and other resources on internet safety, cyberbullying, digital responsibility, and media and digital literacy. You can find all of Edutopia's content about digital citizenship, including relevant community discussions, on Edutopia's digital citizenship page; be sure to "+Follow" the page to receive updates.

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