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School Leadership: Resource Roundup

For principals and other school administrators, this list of videos, blogs, and articles includes advice and tips on effective leadership strategies, partnering with teachers, and cultivating and retaining strong leaders.
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Teacher in front of class pointing to students sitting at desks with raised hands

Top Tips for School Leaders

  • 5 Strategic Tips for First-Year Administrators, by Ross Cooper (2015)

    For admins just starting out, it's helpful to establish relationships, visit classrooms, understand others, flatten the hierarchy, and become an active social media presence.

  • 8 Top Tips for Highly Effective PD, by Vicki Davis (2015)

    Among the top strategies for highly effective professional development are making it useful, making it relevant, and making sure that teachers start practicing it ASAP.

  • 8 Tips to Create a Twitter-Driven School Culture, by Elana Leoni (2014)

    Administrators can create a more connected school culture by modeling Twitter use and encouraging staff to work, play, and learn through the medium. For more ideas about using technology to communicate, check out Josh Work's five-part series "Technology SAMR Model for Administrators," which examines how administrators can use the SAMR model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition) for clarity and efficiency in presenting to and communicating with school staff.

  • School Administrator's Guide to Supporting School Counselors, by Dr. Kimberlee Ratliff (2013)

    Ratliff, a National Certified Counselor and APUS Associate Professor and Program Director, offers school administrators a checklist for what they should and should not expect from their school counselors.

  • How To Expand a Successful School Model, by Suzie Boss (2013)

    Karen Kodama, the founding principal of John Stanford International School in Seattle, shares advice for administrators on expanding and replicating successful programs.

  • Four Suggestions to Help You Lead by Relationships and Realize Your Vision, by Scott Taylor (2013)

    Taylor, an assistant superintendent, writes about the importance of leading by relationships in order to realize your vision.

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Partnering With Teachers

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Cultivating Great School Leaders

  • School Leaders: Tips for Coaching Your Super Teachers by Ben Johnson (2015)

    School leaders and administrators: Check out these suggestions for supporting growth and development in the teachers you lead.

  • It Takes Courage to Make Schools Better by Maurice Elias (2015)

    Making one's school better requires honest conversation, and that requires courage. Check out these questions and conversation starters that can be used in faculty meetings or as a professional development activity. Also from Elias, "You Need an Elevator Pitch About School Culture and Climate," which highlights how your school's leadership team can help the community understand the importance of culture and climate -- and improve it.

  • What Makes a Great School Leader? by Elena Aguilar (2014)

    Longtime Edutopia contributor Aguilar highlights the three qualities she thinks most indicative of a great school leader: visionary leadership, community builder, and emotional intelligence.

  • Encouraging Teacher Leaders to Become Principals, by Bob Lenz (2014)

    Lenz discusses how a recent report offers a road map for system leaders to establish new standards, practices, and management structures for growing a strong pipeline of principals.

  • Don't Be Afraid to Give Direct Feedback, by Scott Taylor (2013)

    Superintendent and adjunct professor Taylor returns with advice about using reflective questions as a constructive way of delivering direct feedback.

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John Marshall's picture

The Principal Effectiveness paper documents lessons learned from school leaders making breakthrough gains in student achievement and teacher effectiveness. It includes policy recommendations for school turnarounds and key insights from The Urban Excellence Framework

David's picture

Effective Documents and School lessons provide students achieving annulment and key values with help of teacher's recommendations and learning processes.

Nino Kavtaradze's picture

teachers role is incredible in a student's life .teacher should be a mediator and he or she should deliver not only the knowledge and simple lessons but desire and inspiration to students .

Elana Leoni's picture
Elana Leoni
Edcamper, Former @Edutopia, Founder of Social Media Marketing Consultancy aimed at helping educational orgs.

Another great leadership resource:

I came across this roundup by Educator Jerry Blumengarten that does a great ob rounding up even more resources for principals, school administrators, and teacher leaders:

Check it out and comment here with any resources you use.

R P TIWARI's picture

I have just joined it. So, I am to young to comment. Yet it's highly appreciated and the thoughts put to practice would lead to satisfy the educational need of the world in transition

msvteacher's picture

Here's another great resource for aspiring, or current, leaders: - highly engaging speaker/writer who talks about leadership and change in the 21st century.

Thanks for sharing ALL of these amazing resources - so many treasures here!!

Michael Palmer's picture
Michael Palmer
Compassionate Parent, School Leader, IB Educator, Learner, Collaborator.

I just finished his book Innovator's Mindset. This should be required reading in all PLC's.

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