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Readers Weigh In

6 PD Reads You Shouldn’t Miss

We asked about the professional development books you’d recommend to your teacher friends. Here are the six that stood out.
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A girl looks lonely in class as two peers look angry behind her.
Character Education

Rejecting the ‘Mean Girl’ Framework

Ideas for guiding girls toward positive interactions with each other.
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Photo illustration of Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld

The Grind and the Streak: Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld

These great comedians can teach our students about two important writing habits: working hard at revising and writing on a regular basis.
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Differentiated Instruction

A Reading List for Differentiated Instruction

You can find ideas on how to gear your teaching to meet the needs of all students even in works that aren’t explicitly about differentiation.
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Teacher Leadership

Giving Your Teacher Team a Boost

Improve collaboration in your teacher group with these leadership tips.
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Social and Emotional Learning

Helping Your Students Identify Their Values

Have your students write about the principles they want to live by, using these prompts to help them get started.
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Personal Learning Network

An Introduction to Twitter Education Chats

Edchats are a good way to grow your personal learning network. Here’s how to get started with them.
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Technology Integration

The Epic BYOD Toolbox

We’ve collected dozens of apps and tools for your bring-your-own-device classroom, with options for student writing, presentations, screencasting, assessment, and more.
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Student Engagement

Scaffolding Grit

It starts with integrating passion-based learning into your classroom.
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Learning Environments

Sensory Room 101

After we published a video about a special room designed to help autistic kids calm and focus themselves, you had questions. Here’s what it takes to create this kind of space.
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