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Critical Thinking

Digging Into Data: It's Not Just for Math Class

The American Statistical Association, in collaboration with others, aims to introduce statistical problem solving to students starting in fourth grade.
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Common Core

How the Common Core Supports Deeper Learning

The change that the Common Core demands from us is considerable, but it's not radical.
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5 App and Mobile Use Guides for Parents

Matt Davis has curated a list of resources for parents for using mobile devices and apps with children, tweens, and teens.
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Character Education

The 9 (or How to Spot Future Greatness in a 6-Year-Old)

One first grade teacher suggests that we can spot future Supreme Court Justices in six-year-olds willing to shoulder serious responsibility -- like washing the board.
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School Leadership

Celebrating School Counselors

With National School Counseling Week the first week of February, find out ways administrators, teachers, parents, and students can honor and celebrate school counselors.
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Education Equity

"It's Not What's Wrong With the Children, It's What's Happened to Them"

Instead of punitive discipline that limits students' potential, we must adopt a more holistic approach and address the life circumstances that are causing their behavior.
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Professional Development

Using Pre-Needs Assessment for Effective PD

Personalize your PD by using tools like Google Forms, Padlet, and Nearpod to learn what teachers already know and what they need to know.
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Professional Development

9 Quick Tips for Taking Ownership of Your PD

Engineer PD activities on your own terms, whether it's inside your own school building, among far-flung teacher friends, or out in the teacher-friendly Twitterverse.
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Teacher Development

Finding and Sharing Hope in Schools in 2015

What might we learn about ourselves if we engaged in a year-long inquiry into the hopeful stories in our schools? What could we learn about our capacities, our will and resilience?
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Education Equity

Equity in Education: Where to Begin?

If we hope for equity in education, we may have to abandon our efforts toward standardization and recognize the individuality of our students.
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