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A group of people participate in an anti-bullying rally.
Bullying Prevention

Successful Community Efforts to Prevent Bullying

The strongest anti-bullying campaigns include students, faculty, parents -- and the larger community as well.
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Paint brushes and jars of paint are on a black floor splattered with colorful paint.
Inquiry-Based Learning

Arts-Based Research: Surprise and Self-Motivation

Arts-based research is beginning an investigation without expectations and remaining open to all possibilities. Now imagine asking a ninth-grade class to deconstruct and recreate a Happy Meal.
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A teacher sits and talks with a student and her mother.
Family Engagement

Home Visits: A Powerful Family Engagement Tool

Visiting students and their families at home builds strong bonds of trust and understanding -- and impacts academic success.
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Graphic of a pencil eraser rubbing out the word "bullying."
Bullying Prevention

Resources to Fight Bullying and Harassment at School

Discover websites, organizations, articles, planning guides, lesson plans, and other resources dedicated to preventing bullying and harassment.
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A dad is sitting at the kitchen table with a laptop in front of him, looking at paper in his hand in frustration. His son is sitting behind him, looking at his phone.
Parent Partnership

5 Ways to Create a Strong Parent Partnership

A former middle school teacher and parent of a middle school student shares her regrets in hopes of helping other secondary school teachers avoid the same mistakes.
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A male teacher is leaning his head against a whiteboard, looking up in distress. A classroom of blurred out students are behind him, smiling and talking.
Teacher Development

Myth-Busting: "If I Just Had Better Students"

How to avoid falling into the trap of thinking student success has only to do with the students.
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A teacher and students sitting in a circle talk.
School Climate

Bringing Restorative Practices to Your School

Six lessons learned from replacing punitive discipline with a community-oriented, restorative approach.
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Students participate in a video call with a researcher.
Classroom Technology

Using Skype to Inspire Student Career Choices

A teacher uses video phone calls to bring a growing network of inspiring professionals into her classroom.
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A row of students work at computers.
Coding in the Classroom

A Strategy for Motivating High School Coders

As coding tasks get more complex, how do you convince high schoolers to persevere?
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Photo of baseballs against a fence
Lesson Plans

6 Baseball-Themed Classroom Activities for the World Series

Explore some resources for using the World Series to bring history, math, social studies, music, and visual arts to your classroom.
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