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Education Trends

Promoting Playful Learning Through Teacher Networks

Through Edcamps and the ScratchED community, teachers can become champions of the kind of playful learning that will help their students thrive.
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Social and Emotional Learning

3 Strategies to Foster Sociability

SEL begins with sociability, which you can encourage by teaching social skills early, creating shared social norms, and engaging students in cooperative learning.
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Teacher Development

Films That Nourish the Educator's Spirit

Check out this list of inspiring films that speak directly to the educator-activist spirit.
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Game-Based Learning

Epic Fail or Win? Gamifying Learning in My Classroom

A teacher shares how she gamified classroom learning (including turning assignments into quests, and encouraging students to mod them), along with what worked and what didn't.
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Student Engagement

Creating the Conditions for Student Motivation

To inspire intrinsic motivation as a daily part of education, schools must nurture the conditions for student growth through autonomy, competence, relatedness, and relevance.
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PBL Planning

How PBL Creates Engaged Citizens

Check out how high school seniors took on the role of federal lobbyists and learned how bills become laws through project-based learning.
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Environmental Education

Garden-Based Learning

School and community gardens can be used for academic enrichment, where students can learn about nutrition, food security, and ecological sustainability.
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Mental Health

Understanding Invisible Disabilities

To help students with invisible disabilities, recognize related behavior, discover whether there's a diagnosis, respect their privacy, and make learning accommodations.
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Using Voxer to Streamline School Communication

One administrative team describes how they use a voice-messaging app as a tool for day-to-day communication, building relationships, and making meetings more effective.
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Social and Emotional Learning

Homework vs. No Homework Is the Wrong Question

Does your school have a homework policy? How does your school ensure that teachers don't overload students with busy work?
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