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How can educators, students, schools, and communities go green? Learn about sustainability, conservation, and other earth-friendly practices and curricula.

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  • Nature Learning in All Seasons

    Integrating nature into art and math can foster a relationship between students and their environment as they learn about seasonal changes.
    Alissa Alteri Shea
  • With Safety in Mind, Schools Take Classes Outdoors

    There are plenty of logistics to consider, but educators say outdoor classes keep kids and teachers safer—and provide much-needed fresh air.
  • How to Set Up a Bike Bus at Your School

    Administrators can make bike buses happen in most communities with careful route planning and plenty of volunteers.
  • Developing Disciplinary Literacy by Exploring Biodiversity on Campus

    Taking campus walks and having students plant pollinator gardens are great ways to expose them to concepts related to biodiversity.
  • How to Make Fat Bear Week Part of Your Classroom Activities

    Giving students a peek into the lives of brown bears is a fun way to shake up science and math lessons and spark interest in animal conservation.
  • How Hidden Classroom Dynamics Can Stymie Girls in STEM

    If we want to close the gender gap in science, we need to look at the invisible forces that shape classroom culture.
  • Guiding Students to See Themselves as Changemakers

    Students may see ways they can effect change if they break down big issues like climate change into smaller, more accessible challenges.
  • 5 Tips for Creating an Effective Virtual Field Trip

    Students can connect what’s happening in the classroom to real-world locations by using digital tools to gain new perspectives.
  • Outdoor Science Lessons Foster Environmental Stewardship

    By creating opportunities for students to study outside, teachers can connect their classes to nature through hands-on lessons.
  • Earth Day: Lesson Plans, Reading Lists, and Classroom Ideas

    Resources from around the web for incorporating Earth Day into your class.
  • Using PBL to Build a Strong Learning Community

    A grade-level project-based learning unit provides academic and social benefits as students work both in small groups and as a whole class.
  • Teaching Climate Change in Social Studies

    Since this issue impacts both individuals and societies on many levels, it’s a good fit for social studies as well as science classes.
  • Bringing Climate Change Into the Elementary Classroom

    Make this big issue personal for young students by showing them how they can work toward solutions using community science.
  • Using Nature to Engage Students in Learning

    Nature comes in all shapes and sizes—from a park to a potted plant—and teachers can use it to spark learning and build a classroom community.
  • Building a Sustainable Future—One Classroom at a Time

    A mini-golf course, a canoe trip down the local river, a discussion about environmental justice. Here’s how schools are teaching students about environmental science.

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