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Bullying Prevention

Explore how parents, educators, students, and communities can work together to address the causes and effects of bullying and cyberbullying.

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  • How School Leaders Can Boost Students’ Sense of Belonging

    A focus on identity safety can help administrators make sure that all students feel welcome and ready to learn in every class.
    Becki Cohn-Vargas
  • How to Teach Students to Manage Their Own Conflicts

    How to Teach Students to Manage Their Own Conflicts

    Rather than settling disagreements and conflicts for students, aiding them in resolving their own problems can bolster a foundation of crucial conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.
  • Students in elementary class talk in pairs and small groups.

    7 Ways to Teach Kids to Manage Their Own Conflicts

    Strengthening students’ capacity to evaluate their problems and consider a number of solutions leads to better, less impulsive conflict resolution.
  • In the multipurpose room, a large group of middle school students fill one side of the bleachers, some clapping.

    Restorative Justice: Resources for Schools

    Explore resources and case studies that demonstrate how to bring restorative justice to your school or classroom.
  • A girl looks lonely in class as two peers look angry behind her.

    Rejecting the ‘Mean Girl’ Framework

    Ideas for guiding girls toward positive interactions with each other.
  • photo of two students smiling at each other in a classroom

    Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is Essential to Reduce Bullying

    There are many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits associated with kindness.
  • Graphic of a pencil eraser rubbing out the word "bullying."

    Resources to Fight Bullying and Harassment at School

    Discover websites, organizations, articles, planning guides, lesson plans, and other resources dedicated to preventing bullying and harassment.
  • Photo of an elementary school boy raising his hand

    Making Your Classroom a Safe Place for Kids Who Stutter

    It’s not just Joe Biden—figures as various as Charles Darwin, Ed Sheeran, and Shaquille O’Neal stuttered growing up. Here’s how to integrate a student who stutters into your classroom.
  • photo of community support

    5 Ways to Stop Bullying and Move into Action

    With daily news reports about the devastating impact on students who have been relentlessly bullied, teachers find themselves on the front line in addressing bullying and intolerance. It is time to move into action. Not In Our School offers solutions-based strategies and tools for change to a network of schools that are working to create safe, inclusive and accepting climates.
  • Child Playing at Recess

    Are We Doing Recess Right? A New Tool Can Help

    An analysis of nearly 500 playgrounds finds that recess can be optimized to build social skills and relationships.
  • An illustration of a young woman crouched on the ground with her head in her knees and empty dialogue boxes above her.

    Empowering Students to Curb Bullying

    Standing up to bullying can be frightening, but students can use these low-risk strategies to support peers who are bullied.
  • 8 Tips for Schools Interested in Restorative Justice

    Restorative justice promotes a positive, orderly school environment. Students and all members of the school community can learn and practice self-discipline, empathy, and accountability.
  • 5 Keys to Social and Emotional Learning Success

    5 Keys to Successful Social and Emotional Learning

    Studies show that sustained and well-integrated social and emotional learning (SEL) engages students and improves achievement. Explore classroom practices that make up the most effective SEL programs.
  • Three high school students work on a laptop together

    Getting Kids to Take Online Safety Seriously

    When you ask students to think through their own scenarios about online safety, they’re more likely to look out for themselves and others.
  • An illustration of a school campus with bubbles holding percentages over different areas of the school showing where bullying occurs.

    Anatomy of School Bullying

    Understanding the hot spots within schools is essential to putting a stop to student bullying.

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