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Becki Cohn-Vargas

Educational Consultant

Becki Cohn-Vargas, EdD, spent over 35 years as a teacher, principal, curriculum director, and superintendent. With Dorothy Steele, she coauthored Identity Safe Classrooms: Places to Belong and Learn, aimed at K–5 teachers. Identity Safe Classrooms Grades 6–12, coauthored with Alex Creer Kahn and Amy Epstein, will be available in August 2020. Currently Becki is an independent consultant and presenter. She was hosted at the White House by President Obama’s education staff, and has worked to create inclusive climates in over 150 schools across the U.S.

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    • Mental Health

      Helping Students Through a Period of Grief

      Covid-19 has meant a lot of loss for students of all ages—with more loss likely to come. Teachers can engage and support them in processing their emotions.
    • Bullying Prevention

      Successful Community Efforts to Prevent Bullying

      The strongest anti-bullying campaigns include students, faculty, parents—and the larger community as well.
    • Bullying Prevention

      Fostering Identity Safety in School

      An environment where students are not bullied based on their race or other aspects of identity can be intentionally cultivated both inside and outside of the classroom.
    • Bullying Prevention

      5 Ways to Stop Bullying and Move into Action

      With daily news reports about the devastating impact on students who have been relentlessly bullied, teachers find themselves on the front line in addressing bullying and intolerance. It is time to move into action. Not In Our School offers solutions-based strategies and tools for change to a network of schools that are working to create safe, inclusive and accepting climates.
    • Bullying Prevention

      Hate Is a 4-Letter Word

      Rather than shielding children from news about hate, educators could prepare them for the real world by teaching what hate is and how to prevent it.
    • Social and Emotional Learning

      Bullying: In the Trenches, We Can't Wait for a Definition

      Guest blogger Becki Cohn-Vargas, Director of Not In Our School, likes that researchers and lawmakers are seeking to define bullying, but she stresses that we must continue preventing it even as we wait for a definition.
    • Social and Emotional Learning

      Trayvon Martin: The Wakeup Call to End Stereotype Threat

      Becki Cohn-Vargas, director of Not In Our School, examines the concepts of stereotype threat and identity safety, and suggests how we can prevent one while promoting the other.

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