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Resources for Technology Integration

Free materials, downloads, tools, and suggested readings to better understand technology integration.
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In this section, you will find materials and resources for teaching about how to successfully integrate technology into the classroom, whether you are conducting a two-hour session or class or can spend a day or two on the topic.

We believe you will find much here from which you can build a set of experiences tailored to class participants for the purpose of exploring technology integration:

More Resources on Technology Integration:

Top Case Study Videos on Technology Integration:

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Additional Resources Elsewhere on the Web:

Organizations Research and Readings Guidelines and Tools

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Recommended Texts:

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This PowerPoint presentation introduces technology integration. It discusses the importance of technology integration, changes in teacher/student roles, and what components are needed for technology integration. The presentation includes examples of classrooms integrating technology. It then asks for group participation.

At Mary Scroggs Elementary School, tech specialist Susan Dodge works with a student to film a portion of the school's daily morning news show.

The presentation consists of 12 slides, and is available either as an online HTML presentation or a downloadable PowerPoint file.

You can use the HTML version online during class time if you have a computer and a presentation system with Internet access; use it as you would any lecture presentation material.

Download the PowerPoint file to your hard drive for use on your laptop or a classroom computer; open and run the PowerPoint file just as you would any other PowerPoint presentation. You can also make changes and insert your own course information.

In addition, each slide in the downloaded and online versions contains Speaker Notes you can use as lecture notes when you show the presentation.

If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint and do not wish to use the online HTML presentation, you can download PowerPoint Viewer for your PC, which will allow you to share this presentation with an audience but will not allow you to edit it in any way.

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Pam Bloch's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Hi- I checked out a number of the resources,links above and found them very interesting and useful (as in I'll try them next year). I am especially interested in the e-pals which I've known about for quite awhile but have never explored. I know my kids will be excited to write letters to children around the world! I followed the link to the top two articles by Diane Curtis, Maine schools acquiring laptops for all their students and what a remarkable transformation they've seen and the Change in Attitude article about how students have become so much more engaged through the use of technology. Very exciting stuff!

Cate Lamb's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I went to the links about web quests. This is a fabulous way to organize a "simulation" type activity. I had been using a lot of "Interact" simulations, but realize they are outdated. The web quest is a much more manageable system for doing this type of activity in social studies.

diane's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

This is a very good overview of resources but what I found here is something under 'Themed Web Quests' that I could integrate (talking the language already!) into the Guidance curriculum: Quest for Respect with THE GROUCHY LADYBUG by Eric Carle.
Even though this is a sliver of the wealth of information - that is the point. Getting a better understanding of how to use technology in the classroom is finding simple resources such as this and trying them out in the classroom. Getting comfortable with small bits at a time is central to moving Digital Immigrants into some sort of proficient teacher using tech resources.
A lot of the information regarding WEB Quest I think could be very useful to helping bridge the gap from philosophy to doing.....

The articles on brain based research/learning were interesting and it is fascinating how the Key Largo Schools took that information and brought down money to provide computers and other tech tools to update/integrate their curriculum. THIS is a model we should all study!

Tracy Lavallee's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Being your partner teacher Pam, I am excited too! I really liked the because I have struggled with creating webquests myself and finding a tool to help students create them. I am looking forward to our year together and finding additional ways to integrate technology (such as many of these resources here) with our students!

Tracy Lavallee
3/4 Teacher
Underhill ID
Jericho, VT

Paul Missfeldt's picture

I was not able to open three sites listed under "Explore and Discuss". The sites are Planetary Postcard, Energy Quest, and Cavern World. Was anyone able to open them, or also not able to open them?

Laurie Chu's picture
Laurie Chu
Web Production Manager

[quote]I was not able to open three sites listed under "Explore and Discuss". The sites are Planetary Postcard, Energy Quest, and Cavern World. Was anyone able to open them, or also not able to open them?[/quote]

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